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The best VPN deals for September 2023

“Free” makes everything taste better — but this isn’t applicable when it comes to VPN services.

A free VPN may sound like a great deal but comes with a non-monetary cost. First is performance: free VPNs have fewer features, slower speeds, and aren’t likely to have great customer service. But that’s not the real reason you should think twice about a gratis VPN.

If you’re not paying for a VPN, the company is making money some other way. This could be from ads or worse, like selling your information. Not to mention, malware is a potential risk with free VPNs.

One possible exception to this rule is a reputable VPN service that offers a limited free version to get customers to try out the service. In this case, be sure to do your research and know that your options will be limited — and your speed will be throttled. 

An example of a free and reputable VPN is ProtonVPN. However, the caveat is that the free service will only give you access to servers in three countries. 

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