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The best blood pressure watches of 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 features: BP measurement: Pulse wave analysis | Size: 40mm or 44mm | Weight: 1.01 oz (28.6 g) | Power source: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery life: 50 hours on a single charge | App: Galaxy Wearable 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is an internationally popular wearable that can also measure your blood pressure. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 measures blood pressure and, using the watch’s built-in health monitor app, takes ECG readings as well. However, Samsung does caution that the blood pressure function “cannot diagnose hypertension, other conditions, or check for signs of a heart attack. It is not meant to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional.”

It’s monitoring existing conditions where the watch shows particular promise. A study conducted with the Galaxy Watch 5 showed that taking blood pressure measurements with the watch resulted in reliable and accurate readings. The watch was used to help monitor BP in patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

The blood pressure function has not received FDA approval in the US yet, but it is available in at least 50 other countries, including Canada, Vietnam, and South Africa. To ensure accurate readings, users have to calibrate their watches every month with a traditional blood pressure cuff. The watch itself is packed with other features, including sleep tracking and music streaming, and it also made ZDNET’s list of the best smartwatches.

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