starfield space ship

Starfield won't let you explore planets freely, but there's already mods for that

starfield space ship

The game isn’t even officially out yet, but modders have already found a way to let you explore planets freely in Starfield.

It would be fair at first glance to think that Starfield might play somewhat similarly to No Man’s Sky. In Hello Games’ take on space exploration, you can land on any planet from any position you like, and you can freely wander across the entire planet, with absolutely zero invisible walls to be found. No Man’s Sky might not be a perfect game, but it’s still incredibly cool that you can do something like that. However, such a feature isn’t the case for Starfield – not only do you have to land at specific points on each planet, you can’t freely walk around the entire thing. It’s possibly a bit of a bummer for some, but for those playing on PC, modders have kind of introduced a workaround.

As shared by GamesRadar, there are a couple of mods you can use that should make exploring planets just that bit more immersive. For exploring the planets themselves, there’s the Remove Planetary Tile Boundary mod from Draspian, which means that you can walk around all of the planets as much as you like. You can then pair that with the More Custom Landing Sites mod by NexusGuy999, which simply adds more landing sites.

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