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Starfield PSA: Those ‘Emergency Cuttable Walls’ are very easy to open

It turns out those emergency cuttable doors you’ve been seeing around Starfield, are, in fact, quite easy to open.

Starfield is one of those kinds of games where players will be sharing tips and tricks for years to come. But before the game is even out, some have already discovered little things that make you go “oh hey, that’s neat!” For example, you might be walking around exploring whatever you might be exploring, when you notice a big red door that says “emergency cuttable wall” on it. It would be incredibly fair for you to assume that this is just a bit of set dressing, not something you can interact with, but you would be wrong!

You can actually cut these doors, they’re not just set dressing
by u/thebirdpuncher in Starfield

As demonstrated in the clip above, you can just use the laser cutter on each of the bolts, and the door will fall down flat. You can technically do the same by shooting it, but that does waste ammo, so the cutter is the most effective way of going about it. A lot of players in the comments seemed quite surprised that they could do this, having walked past plenty of these kinds of doors, so if you’re like them, it might be worth revisiting a few places.

Interestingly, another commenter pointed out that if you see a wall of ice that’s whiter than normal, you’ll be able to break it with any of your weapons. Breaking down these walls can apparently net you some good loot and pathways, so the lesson here seems to be just break everything in sight and you’re golden.

If this is something you’ve found to be helpful in your playthrough, and you think you need a bit more help, well wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got plenty of guides for you to check out to keep your space adventure rolling!

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