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Starfield players wish the companions weren’t all such squares

Most of the companions in Starfield seem to judge you for committing crimes, and players are wishing there was at least one that wasn’t such a nerd.

The big promise of Starfield is that it’s this massive space faring RPG that lets you do what you want. Become a hero? Sure, you can do that! Or how about a space pirate? Yeah, that too – except a lot of the companions don’t really seem to like it when you do that. But as players have been discussing over on the game’s subreddit, this isn’t exactly ideal when you yourself want to engage in piracy.

“Can I have a token evil teammate please, [because] every ‘major’ companion in Starfield is a straight edge f***kin’ loser?” reads the tweet that kick started the conversation over Starfield’s companions. A number of commenters felt the same, with one writing, “having no evil, or even more piracy focused companions sucks. Even Fallout 4 had Cait and Strong in the base game, alongside Gage in the DLC for evil players, and that game gave you way less chances to do bad actions.”

Some did point out that there are companions that are cool with crime if you join the Crimson Fleet. But others did note how they still wished some of the companions in the Constellation faction weren’t so picky about crime, especially considering a point is made that the faction does have members that have done bad things. Plus, some commenters noted that the Crimson Fleet offers some “comically evil,” companions, which isn’t necessarily what everyone wants either.

Still, there’s also the chance that you fall head over heels for your companion, even if they don’t like you committing crimes. If you need some help getting hitched, we’ve got a guide that helps you figure out how to get married in Starfield.

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