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Starfield bugs range from funny to outright body horror

A game as big as Starfield was bound to have some funny bugs, but it has some that are just horrible to look at in equal measure.

Earlier this year, Microsoft said that Starfield has the fewest bugs that any Bethesda game has ever shipped with. It was a bold claim, but for the most part it seems to be holding up, with not a huge amount of reports of game breaking bugs. That doesn’t mean it’s free of them, though – it is a Bethesda game after all. There are of course some funny ones that are a treat to experience, but unfortunately, there are also an equal amount of bugs that I wish I didn’t have to look at.

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Take, for example, this particular clip, which features such bugs as “NPC with no head but still has their eyes and teeth,” and “NPC that has no body, but can still be short and burnt to death.” A classic!

It seems like missing body parts is a pretty universal bug for Starfield, as evidenced in the clip below. Though the odd thing about this one is that a ghostly visage of Andreja’s head seems to remain, which makes me uncomfortable in a different way.

Not all bugs are horrifying to look at, though. Some let Vasco achieve its dream of becoming a flying robot (I’m making an assumption here, I don’t know what Vasco’s dreams are).

NPCs flying also seems to be another recurring problem for Starfield, with the below clip showing an NPC quite slowly flying upward, presumably to their eventual death.

You may also come across some nudists on your travels throughout space.

Some NPCs are also a bit shyer than others, so don’t worry if they just phase through a wall to get away from you.

A classic Bethesda bug with perfect comedic timing. “I’ll see you around”
byu/YourBoyMillard inStarfield

I do want to remind you though, that for every bug that makes you laugh, there’s one that’s right around the corner that looks like it came from The Thing.

My very first bug <3
byu/genital_lesions inStarfield

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