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Microsoft to reveal AI plans for OneDrive in October event

Microsoft is hosting an online event about OneDrive and AI


Microsoft is infusing OneDrive with a dose of AI and will host an online event to describe how this move will play out. Earlier this week, the company announced a OneDrive event slated to take place on Tuesday, October 3, at 1pm ET.

Dubbed “Microsoft OneDrive: The Future of File Management is Here,” the event will highlight new enhancements to the file storage service and offer a “sneak peek” at how AI will fuel new search, sharing, and queries for your files.

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Geared toward IT admins, partners, and Microsoft 365 enthusiasts, the event will offer presentations from five Microsoft executives: Jeff Teper, President for Collaboration Apps & Platform; Arwa Tyebkhan, Principal Group Product Manager; Gaia Carini, Principal Group Product Manager; Jason Moore, VP Product Management; and Sesha Mani, Partner Group Product Manager.

Teper leads the product, design, and engineering teams for Microsoft 365, including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other apps. Tyebkhan is the principal group product manager for OneDrive with a focus on the OneDrive Web product. Carini is the principal group product manager for OneDrive Sync on Windows and macOS. Moore is a VP of product management for OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Lists, and Office 365. And Mani is the product head for Microsoft 365 Cloud Security, AI, and Management.

Following the event, Microsoft will open the floor to questions in a live chat-based Q&A. Interested participants can add the event to their calendar and follow a link to join the event via Microsoft Teams when it kicks off.

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“In recent months we’ve made many enhancements to OneDrive and there’s more to come,” Microsoft touted in its announcement. “Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what’s new and discover how OneDrive can help you and your organization achieve more.”

As AI has grabbed worldwide interest and attention, companies have been rushing to capitalize on the technology. Major players such as Google and Microsoft have been devising new AI-powered products and adding AI to existing applications and services. Microsoft has been touting its AI-enabled Bing search and chatbot, integrating its new Copilot AI into Windows and Microsoft 365, and adding AI to its mobile apps.

With AI in the air, this Fall promises to be a busy time for Microsoft. The company is also hosting a special event in New York City on September 21 in which it’s expected to unveil new Surface products, including two-in-one models, laptops, and accessories. But AI will also be a presence. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Corporate VP & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, confirmed that the company will share more about its AI innovations at this event.

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And what of OneDrive? Over the years, Microsoft has updated the service with minor tweaks. But OneDrive hasn’t seen any buzzworthy advancements that truly improve how it works or how people use it. Could AI be that buzzworthy advancement? We’ll find out on October 3 when Microsoft reveals what’s in store for OneDrive.

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