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As the world continues to become more and more digital, the demand for IT professionals will only rise. If you’ve been considering a new career path in IT and you like to manage programs and solve puzzles, a career as a Windows system administrator may be for you.

Before pursuing a formal degree, you might want to learn more about the job itself and what day-to-day work would look like. Study skills that professional administrators use, like Windows PowerShell and scripting, with this six-course bundle, now only $20 (reg. $78).

Study the whats and hows of Windows PowerShell

As a Windows system administrator, you’ll be responsible for installing and troubleshooting software and hardware issues in a company’s network, as well as enforcing security measures. These professionals use Windows PowerShell to automate some of those tasks using code.

If it sounds a little complicated, that’s what these courses are for. Start with Anybody Can Script and Essential Tools for Windows System Administrators to get a tour of PowerShell and learn what scripting is. You’ll also study tools like Windows Event Viewer, Task Scheduler, and Task Manager. 

If you’re still hungry for knowledge, you can learn how to use PowerShell for automation. This is how professionals offload repetitive tasks like system maintenance, pulling reports, software installations, and so much more.

Highly rated courses taught by an expert instructor

You’ll be learning from instructor Vijay Saini who has IT experience in areas like cloud technologies, Python, and automation with PowerShell. His course bundle received a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from students. 

Explore a new career path with this Windows PowerShell six-course bundle, now available for just $20 (reg. $78).

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