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Islands of Insight Open Playtest now available

Publisher Behaviour Interactive and developer Lunarch Studios have launched the Islands of Insight Open Playtest on Steam. It will be available until September 21 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.

The playtest allows players seek out and solve a wide array of puzzles desnely spread across the landscape, explore the secrets-filled open world at their own pace, complete puzzle quests to progress the campaign and unlock new areas, and contribute to improving the overall experience by providing feedback with the development team.

“We’re focused on creating an experience that brings something new and different to the puzzle genre,” says Behaviour Interactive head of external production Carla Rylance in a press release. “We’re still in active development and so players participating in our playtest will be treated to a taste of Islands of Insight‘s expansive world, game mechanics, and puzzles, with lots still left to discover down the road. Putting the game into players’ hands for the first time and getting their feedback is incredibly exciting for us as we continue to build this unique puzzle adventure.”

Rylance added, “Each of our puzzles is carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted to be relaxing, challenging, and satisfying to find and solve. They also vary in difficulty, making this both a welcoming experience for newcomers, and an engaging one for more seasoned puzzle fans.”

Islands of Insight is in development for PC (Steam).

Watch the gameplay reveal trailer below.

Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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