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Create your own ChatGPT AI bot with this course bundle


Improve your ChatGPT skills with this training bundle.


You may have experimented with ChatGPT, and found it to be a useful tool on its own for work, school, or personal projects. But if you take the opportunity to study even basic coding, you can expand what you can do with AI simply by customizing your own chatbot

Start your coding education during this back-to-school sale and get the 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle for only $40.

Code your own AI chatbot with Python 

This AI programming bundle primarily focuses on cultivating your skills with Python. Courses start at the very beginning and may be most useful to learners with little coding experience. If Python is a new language to you, start with Python 3: From ZERO to GUI Programming. This course gives you nine hours of programming tips to help you work through the other eight Python courses. Those introduce new skills like PDF handling and data analysis. One even gives you the chance to program an escape room. 

Courses are taught by Dr. Chris Mall, who has a masters degree in IT and a Ph.D in Computer Science. He also teaches a course that introduces you to the theory behind AI and shows you how to program a robot. From there, you can apply your skills in two courses that walk you through the process of crafting a ChatGPT AI bot. Even if you aren’t a coding expert, these courses will show you how to use ChatGPt to generate new code for you. 

86 hours of Python and AI training 

Back-to-school sales doesn’t just mean going back to a classroom. Take control of your own education and learn to code and build your own AI chatbot. 

Get the 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle for $40 right now. No coupon needed. 

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