Bandai Namco Trademarks 09 06 23

Bandai Namco trademarks Operation Memories, Fractured Daydream, Shadow Labyrinth, and PAC-MAN titles

Bandai Namco Entertainment has filed trademarks for “Operation Memories,” “Fractured Daydream,” “PAC-MAN Roller,” “PAC-MAN Superfast,” “PAC-MAN Slider,” and “Shadow Labyrinth.”

Operation Memories” and “Fractured Daydream” were trademarked on September 6 in Europe; “PAC-MAN Roller” on September 4 in Europe and August 31 in the United States; “PAC-Man Superfast” on August 30 in Europe and Japan, and August 28 in the United States; “PAC-MAN Slider” on August 25 in the United States; and “Shadow Labyrinth” on August 30 in Japan, August 22 in the United States, and August 21 in Europe.

Video games with these titles or subtitles have not been announced by Bandai Namco.

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