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The best laptop cooling pads of 2023

Tech Specs: Dimensions: 15.7 x 13.7 x 2 inches | Weight: 2.5 pounds | Max laptop size: 17 inches | Fan RPM: 4500 | USB passthrough: Yes | LED lighting: Yes

Gaming laptops can run pretty hot, especially while playing graphically-demanding titles, so you need a heavy-duty cooling pad that can keep up. The IETS GT300 uses dual blowers with speeds up to 4500 RPMs as well as a flexible rubber ring to create negative pressure that draws waste heat away from your laptop more efficiently than a traditional cooling pad. The fresh air ports have filters to trap dust, hair, and debris that can clog your laptop’s built-in fan grates, keeping everything running at cooler temperatures. You can remove the filters for cleaning to extend the life of both your laptop and cooling pad. 

You can set the cooling pad to seven different heights, and two slip-stop tabs keep your laptop from moving while you play. There are two USB pass throughs on the back of the cooling pad, letting you connect mice, keyboards, game pads, headsets, and other peripherals or external storage devices if USB ports on your laptop are limited. There are simplified fan and lighting controls on the front of the cooling pad so you can adjust fan speeds for quieter operation or shut off the LED lights to preserve your laptop’s battery life.

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