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Starfield hype boosted Xbox Series X sales by 1000% on Amazon

Starfield has definitely had a positive effect on Xbox Series X sales, as the console saw its sales jump up by more than 1000% on Amazon.

It can’t be understated how much big name games can shift consoles like nobody’s business. People will flat out buy a console for a particular game, and it’s looking like Starfield is no different in that case. Leading up to the game’s early access launch, PeterOvo spotted that the Xbox Series X was doing particularly well on Amazon. The console managed to jump 1056% in sales on the e-commerce website, a pretty astronomical (pardon the pun) figure.

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Amazon isn’t the only place Starfield is doing well, either, as when the game was released for those with early access, it managed to reach an equally impressive figure of 230,000 concurrent players on Steam. Considering the game isn’t technically out yet for most people, that’s really not too bad, so it’ll be interesting to see what the figure looks like once the rest of us can get our hands on it.

Reviews for the game have been pretty positive across the board too, with our own Starfield review giving the game a 4/5. In our review, Josh noted that “Starfield is not greater than the sum of its parts. If you add all its misshapen, under-developed pieces together, you get kind of a ramshackle kitbash, with a few extra bits left over. Some of those pieces are cleverly crafted and engaging, representing a developer at the peak of its power, though they often get lost in Starfield’s sprawling scope. What remains is often enjoyable, but often frustrating.”

Other reviews leaned pretty positive too, raising the question of whether PS5 players need to be jealous or not. At least you can pretend you’re playing on PS5 thanks to this one mod.

Pre-order Starfield today or get ready with discounted Game Pass codes

Starfield will be launching exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC (Windows) on September 6th 2023. Pre-order your copy of Bethesda’s upcoming action RPG from the links below and get set for the new galactic adventure.

Players who pre-order the premium edition can play Starfield early from September 1st. That’s five days before it lands on Game Pass! PC Players looking to upgrade their PC can also get Starfield for free when you buy select AMD Ryzen processors, AMD Radeon graphics cards, or a gaming system that contains both.

Alternatively, you can play Starfield on Game Pass on day one. Our shop here at VG247 is currently offering a 5 per cent discount on Game Pass codes and Xbox Credit – simply redeem the code “VG247” at the check out. The code is valid until 31st July, so stock up now to save money on a Game Pass membership or discounted Xbox Credit if you’re buying Starfield on the Xbox Store.

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