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Rail Romanesque Origin announced for PS4, Switch

RoRo has announced Rail Romanesque Origin for PlayStation 4 and Switch. It will launch on December 21 in Japan for 3,800 yen at retail and 2,800 yen via download. An 11,800 yen limited edition will also be available, which includes a Blu-ray disc of the TV anime Rail Romanesque 2 and three-disc vocal CD album. The game will feature Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language support.

Rail Romanesque Origin is a console port of the romance visual novel Maitetsu: Last Run!!, which launched for PC on October 30, 2020 in Japan. Maitetsu: Last Run!! is a revamped version of the original Maitetsu, featuring content from the original game and the PlayStation 4 and Switch ports, as well as sequels to every route.

Here is a brief history of the series:

  • 2016Maitetsu (PC) released
  • 2017 – A comic version is serialized in Comic Clear, and released in two volumes
  • 2018Maitetsu: Pure Station (PlayStation 4) released
  • 2020Maitetsu: Pure Station (Switch) released, TV anime Rail Romanesque begins broadcasting, and Maitetsu: Last Run!! (PC) released
  • 2023 – TV anime Rail Romanesque 2 to begin broadcasting in October

Rail Romanesque Origin features a 12-scenario, 443-episode story. Each episode can be completed in about 10 minutes.

Here is the story synopsis:

The Great Abandoned Railroad—a railroad line that is dying with the development of new transportation technology. In the corner of this world, a young man named Soutetsu Migita encounters beautiful young women with unique desires and forgotten railroad control modules known as “Raillords,” and begins to ride the rails of restoration.

The story is set in a “what if” world slightly different from the real world. Described as a “therapeutic beautiful girl railroad adventure,” the game features railway vehicles themed after the JGR Class 8620 (circa 1911), KiHa 07 (circa 1951), and other locomotives, as well as “Raillords,” feminine robots equipped with artificial intelligence that act as personifications of those trains.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Announce Trailer

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