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Can’t see your Starfield fits? There’s a button that’ll hide your spacesuit

If you’ve been wandering around various settlements in Starfield unsure why you’re always wearing your spacesuit, there’s a button that shows off your regular clothes.

Depending on whether or not you play in first or third person predominantly, this might not matter so much. But for those of you that opt for the latter, there’s a chance you want to see all of your Starfield fits in all their glory. Thankfully, there’s a pretty simple way you can take off your spacesuit in breathable areas, as shared by one Reddit user in the game’s subreddit, and demonstrated below by streamer DansGaming.

If you want your spacesuit to automatically come off in breathable areas, all you need to do is go into your inventory and head to the submenu where you choose what type of suit you’re wearing. There, you’ll find a button prompt that says “hide spacesuit in settlements,” which is the T key on PC, or RB on an Xbox controller. To do the same with your helmet, you just need to head to where you choose which helmet you’re wearing, and the exact same option will be there for you. Once they’re both hidden, you’re free to walk around breathable areas in whatever outfit feels most comfortable!

This feels like one of those things where if the game doesn’t explicitly tell you it’s possible, it’s quite easy to miss, so don’t feel stupid if you missed it because you’re not the only one.

Of course, sometimes just changing your outfit isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to change every single thing about the way you look, which just so happens to be possible in Starfield. If you’re unsure of how to head back into the character creator once you’ve started your playthrough, we’ve got a little guide that tells you exactly how to change your appearance in Starfield.

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