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I was really struggling to find good maternity wear: Alia Bhatt

HealthLifestyleI was really struggling to find good maternity wear: Alia Bhatt
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Launching an apparel range for babies, the actress talks about maternity fashion in India and the booming kids clothing market

Actress Alia Bhatt says, “When I got pregnant, I really struggled to find good maternity wear, especially in India, that allowed me to maintain my sense of style while still being comfortable. ” This was one reason she launched Add-A-Mamma, a children’s clothing brand in 2020, which has expanded to include clothes for teens and maternity wear.

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As a business, it seems like a good idea. Indian kids apparel market size to reach $21.1 billion in 2022 and maternity wear to be valued at $18.3 billion in 2021. And these numbers have grown at an average CAGR of 4.3% annually, says Iffat Jeevan, business head of Add-a-. Mama.

The brand’s focus is introducing plastic- and waste-free clothing.

Aid-e-Mamma cares for children from infancy to 17 years of age, which has always been Bhatt’s vision.

in an interview with loungeBhatt talks about her business and her style journey as a new mom.

What’s missing in the children’s clothing and maternity apparel market?

When I got pregnant, I really struggled to find good maternity wear, especially in India, that allowed me to maintain my sense of style while still being comfortable. Usually, when we think of sustainable clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is expensive clothing. So these were some of the gaps that we realized during the journey that Add-e-Mamma as a brand has tried to fill. We put our money where our mouth is, and firmly believe in ensuring that we deliver on every aspect of the business – stylish clothing at affordable prices, making conscious clothing affordable to a wide consumer base.

Tell us about the product term.

We launched in 2020 with conscious kidswear for children aged four to 12 years because there was a gap for a household brand that spanned both play and care. Later we launched Adidas, the brand’s offering of clothing for teenagers. We realized that children over the age of 11 now dress like adults. They are the primary decision makers, they have control over what they wear and how they wear it. Then there’s maternity wear, which was very personal to me. After a few months, we introduced nursing-friendly clothing. The collection features the best of fashionable and functional clothing and is designed to be worn later. And of course, the timing was perfect for the launch of the clothing for babies. Every mother wants what is best for her baby and we have tried to address exactly that with our new baby-wear line.

The idea of ​​conscious clothing is expanding and evolving. What’s your checklist for a brand?

I am very proud of the way this brand has shaped up. We truly are a brand that talks; Nothing is as simple as running a business and the numbers are just as important as staying true to your vision. Our garments are made from natural fabrics. Our buttons, trims, and packaging are plastic-free, and the colors we use are child-safe. With each garment, we give away a Seed Ball, an activity designed to get kids and their parents outside. Each seed ball comes in one bundle Made from scrap fabric, so we’re reducing waste. Our new baby clothing collection is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and is pH tested so it is safe for your baby to put in your mouth.

Has your sense of style changed after becoming a mother?

During my pregnancy and even after, I have looked for clothes that let me be myself and don’t let me compromise on my sense of style. Both the maternity and nursing collections have been very personal to me. Being a young mother myself, I was very involved in the design, the fabrics, the colors and the silhouettes. And I am very excited about the result and I myself wear a lot of styles (smiles).

Your styling tip for new moms?

Accept and welcome the changes in your body that come with motherhood- embrace all the new bumps and curves. Having a baby not only changes the shape of your body but also you. I recommend that you allow yourself to express and easily be yourself.

What are the things to keep in mind while going for shopping after delivery?

I think you can opt for postpartum fits that are nursing friendly but thoughtfully and fashionably designed for use even after this phase of motherhood. Clothing that is comfortable, practical and bridges the gap between fashion and functionality will give you a boost of confidence.

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