How to Rock Jewelery Like Ranveer Singh


Designers and stylists suggest ways for men to accessorize with every outfit

Actor Ranveer Singh was recently in New York for the launch of Tiffany & Co.’s store. Wearing a white suit and jewellery, from two chains to the brand’s brooch, of course, Singh showed at the event how to elevate a simple outfit with statement accessories.

We asked a panel of fashion experts to suggest ways to elevate casualwear and formalwear with the help of jewellery, and this is what they had to say.

When it comes to jewelry styling, says Pearl Uppal, creative director and founder of couture label Talking Threads, “I mix classic and modern styles, with a focus on self-expression and the wearer’s personal style.” in jewels, i love her sarpech for the groom Sweep or turbans, and necklaces such as single or layered strings of pearls, uncut diamonds, or gems.”

Traditional thinking has long dictated that jewelery for men should be subdued, says Uppal, or else it can be flamboyant or too feminine. “This cultural norm is not indicative of the interesting and extensive history of male jewellery. While the last century saw most men’s jewelery as a fancy wristwatch and perhaps a ring, history, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, even the Mughal era , reflects men’s penchant for wearing luxurious accessories. Our increasingly pluralistic and open global culture, with the continuing blurring of gender roles, is ushering in a new renaissance for male jewellery, as That was seen in the 16th and 17th centuries.

According to designer Jayesh Shah, neckpieces can prove to be game changers. They say that a simple chain or pendant can elevate even a basic outfit. “A simple pearl necklace or bracelet can add sophistication to a suit, tuxedo, or blazer. Men can also experiment with different styles of pearl jewelry, such as pearl cufflinks or tie pins, to add a touch of elegance,” suggests Shah. “Cuban chains are a popular trend in men’s fashion as well. Cuban chains can be paired with a T-shirt, denim jacket or leather jacket to create a more casual look.”

Men can also experiment with Cuban chain bracelets or rings to add some flair to their ensembles. Experts suggest that brooches are also versatile accessories that can add personality and a touch of elegance to an outfit.

Shweta Gupta, director of the label Jeypore Creations, explains, “For a formal event or business meeting, a subtle and elegant necklace paired with classic cufflinks and an embellished brooch on the collar or lower lapels can effectively add a touch of sophistication. ” “A lapel pin or a floral brooch can add a pop of color and personality to a simple outfit, while a more elaborate brooch can make a statement in its own right.”

Pairing jewelry for men is about finding a balance between personal style, the occasion and your comfort level. The thing to remember is that jewelery should complement and enhance your outfit, not overshadow it. “For example, if you’re wearing a black leather jacket, a Cuban chain or bracelet can be a great accessory,” says Gupta.

Another thing to consider while choosing jewelery is your skin tone and the color of the clothes you wear. For example, gold or rose gold may look better on someone with warm skin tones, while silver may look better on someone with cool undertones. The same can be said about jewelery made with colored stones. Jewelery studded with diamonds and other gemstones should be carefully considered so as to avoid visual dissonance within the combination.

“Men’s jewelery takes on the form and definition of the wearer. Remember that whether it is a gemstone studded brooch, bracelet or cufflink, jewelery is meant to accentuate your personality and not vice versa,” says Gupta. “So take a cue from Ranveer Singh’s style statement, explore, experiment and create your signature look. Every man should have jewelery that creates visual symmetry with his clothes. Just don’t overdo it.”

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