How Resident Evil 4 Saved The Resident Evil Franchise


gamespot big new video week Continuing with the first installment of “How It Saved”. This is a recurring series in which senior producer Dave Klein documents how specific games have pulled franchises back from the brink, or in some cases, how they helped keep the game studio up and running.

The Resident Evil series debuted in 1996, and helped define the survival horror genre, and its sequels have expanded on the formula and helped propel the franchise to new heights. In the debut episode, “How Resident Evil 4 Saved Resident Evil,” Dave discusses in detail how the 2005 game helped turn things around after the series had slowed down in terms of sales.

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Dave argues, “Resident Evil 4 carried the torch for Resident Evil through a slowing interest in survival horror. It completely revitalized the series, introduced it to new fans, and created a new niche for Resident Evil.” Was able to pave the way.” in the video. “Resident Evil 4 may have been divisive to some, but I think there’s no doubt that it saved the Resident Evil franchise.”

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