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How Liverpool 7-0 Man United ranks among biggest thrashings in Europe’s premier rivalries

SportsFootballHow Liverpool 7-0 Man United ranks among biggest thrashings in Europe's premier rivalries

Lately a club has been in complete trouble, liverpool Got within three points of the top four on Sunday a devastating 7-0 humiliation on rivals Manchester United in Enfield.

Jurgen Klopp’s side, leading by a goal at half-time, threw on the handbrake after the restart and went on a rampage, smashing another six unanswered goals in front of Kopp to hand United their worst ever defeat in their club history. Equalized heavy losses. The most recent being a 7–0 defeat to Wolves in December 1931.)

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Indeed, it was also Liverpool’s biggest win in their long-standing rivalry, which dates back to 1894 and nearly 250 fixtures. The Reds have outscored United 18–1 in their last eight meetings at Anfield, scoring four or more goals in each of the last five fixtures.

With matches like these usually tense, grueling and attrition in nature, it’s always surprising to see such a one-sided and high-scoring game – but Liverpool’s 7-0 humiliating United in a major local derby and historic Where do the rivalries between Europe’s top clubs compare for the biggest scores?

manchester derby

Biggest Result: Manchester City 6–1 Manchester United (1925–26 and 2011–12)

First contested in 1881, United have been on the wrong end of the two biggest scorelines in Manchester derby history, with City leading the way to victory on both occasions 85 years apart. United had beaten City 7–1 at Maine Road in 1941, but that fixture was part of the Wartime League (organized during World War II as a replacement for the suspended Football League) and thus not an official competitive match. Not logged in.

north london derby

Biggest Result: Tottenham Hotspur 0-6 armory (1934–35)

Since the first Football League match between Arsenal and Tottenham in 1909, there have been 193 meetings. Since then, the Gunners have won 81 times, while Spurs have 61 wins (with 51 draws), although the heaviest result on record has come at their neighbors to the east. His own ground in the mid-1930s. In recent years, 2012 proved to be another good year for the Gunners when they beat their old foes 5–2 twice at the Emirates within nine months.

madrid derby

Biggest Result: real Madrid 6-3 Atletico Madrid (1949–50), Real Madrid 3–6 Atlético Madrid (1950–51)

An intense rivalry that began in the early 1900s, Madrid’s two highest-scoring derbies came in quick succession as Real beat Atlético 6–3 in the first leg of the 1950 Copa del Rey quarterfinals, before Atlético returned the favor in LaLiga the following season. , The largest winning margin in an official fixture between the two sides came in 1919 when Real beat their cross-city foes 5–0 in the Campeonato Regional Centro, a long-standing rivalry between clubs from Spain’s Castile region. Competition was coming.

el clasico

Biggest result: Real Madrid 11-1 barcelona (1942–43)

Biggest winning margin ever in el clasico The 1942–43 Copa del Rey came during Real’s astonishing 10-goal victory over their Catalan rivals. Since the turn of the millennium, the biggest win has been Barca’s 5–0 thrashing of José Mourinho’s beleaguered side at the Camp Nou in November 2010, cueing Infamous “Manita“Taunt From Gerard Pique,

milan derby

Biggest Result: inter Milan 6-5 AC Milan (1949–50)

Dating from 1909, there have been 235 official iterations. derby della madonina In the following years Inter won the lion’s share (87 compared to Milan’s 79). The famous 1949 meeting at the San Siro saw the most goals scored in a single derby fixture (11 in total), although the largest winning margin came in May 2001 when two goals each for Gianni Comandini and Andriy Shevchenko. Rossoneri beat their rivals 6-0 in serie a,

derby d’italia

Biggest Result: juventus 9-1 Inter Milan (June 1960–61)

Arguably coming during the most intense period of the rivalry between Juve and Inter, the former triumphed at the Stadio Comunale in a 10-goal extravaganza in which the great Omar Sivori scored six times for the home side. ,

However, it should be noted that Inter actually fielded their youth team in Turin in protest against a controversial decision by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). In fact, the game was actually a replay of a fixture that had to be abandoned earlier in the season when Juve fans stormed the pitch. The FIGC initially awarded a 2–0 victory to Inter and only three points to uphold Juve’s subsequent appeal (which may or may not have had something to do with the fact bianconeri President Umberto Agnelli at the time also served as president of the FIGC.)

der classicer

Biggest Result: Bayern Munich:11-1 Borussia Dortmund (1971–72)

With the arrival of the first meeting in the newly formed Bundesliga In 1965, der classicer One of the youngest derby rivalries in top-line European football, though it’s still simmering with the same territorial ferocity. out of 132 officers the classics Of the games played since then, Bayern have won 65; More than double the number of wins (32) scored by Dortmund. The most spectacular was the 11-goal obliteration of the early 1970s.

le classic

Biggest Result: Paris Saint Germain 5-1 marseille (1977–78), Marseille 1–5 Paris Saint-Germain (2016–17)

Another comparatively young European rivalry that was first contested in 1971, Paris Saint-Germain have come out on top in both top-scoring wins on record to date. Marseille managed to beat their Parisian rivals 4–0 in a top-flight league match in November 1986, achieving a four-goal victory margin, which is still their biggest win.

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