How a 2019 sci-fi novel went viral thanks to anime shitposting


A 2019 sci-fi novel by Amal Al-Mohtar and Max Gladstone this is how you lose the time war It unexpectedly became the sixth most popular book on Amazon this past weekend, and it’s all thanks to “Bigolas Dicolas Wolfwood.”

No, it’s not the name of a less famous cousin Lord of the Rings, Cinder Elven Archers of the Woodland Realm, This is the handle of a Twitter user who tweeted a brief endorsement of the book on Sunday, May 7. Possibly fueled by the sheer absurdity of a name like “Bigolas Dicolas Wolfwood”, combined with such a sincere endorsement of the novel, the tweet quickly went viral, boosting sales of the book.

for the unfamiliar, this is how you lose the time war is a tabloid novel following two rival time-traveling saboteur agents, code-named Red and Blue, who work against each other to alter the timeline for their respective factions. Leaving messages taunting each other across time and space, the two agents begin to fall in love in The Way You Fall Asleep; At first slowly, then all at once, they are forced to consider what the future holds for them after winning and losing the so-called “Time War”.

one in Blog post published on Tuesday, titled “I Tried and Failed to Title this Post for Twenty Minutes,” El-Mohtar explained her consideration of the situation and expressed her gratitude for Bigolas Dikolas’s ringing recommendation. “As far as I can tell, someone going by the name Bigolas Decolaus Wolfwood runs a fan account 90s anime called trigun recently rebootedand tweeted about loving Time War with gusto,” wrote El Mohtar. “And somehow within 24 hours that tweet went viral, with people saying how much, how passionately, how violently They love the book, and it exploded.”

For those who don’t get the joke: “Bigolas de Nicolas Wolfwood” is a play on the name of Nicolas de Wolfwood, a popular character from Yasuhiro Naito’s sci-fi western manga. trigun (as well as the 1998 and 2023 anime) is known for carrying a massive Gatling gun in the shape of a cross on his back. The tweet’s sudden virality has become so widespread that Yoshihiro Watanabe, one of its creators triple stampedehas gotten in on the fun, tweeted Thursday, “Have I bought the book? Yes.”

As a fan of both El-Mohtar and Gladstone’s novel and the Trigun franchise, the sudden unexpected convergence of two stories I never thought I’d see mentioned in the same sentence warms my heart. Sometimes, the internet really is great.

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