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‘Hope is now scarce in Myanmar’, hears UN Human Rights Council

WorldAsia'Hope is now scarce in Myanmar', hears UN Human Rights Council
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“Hope is now rare in Myanmar,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.OHCHR) Volker Turk called for strong support for his citizens under fire.

“The disregard and contempt for human life and human rights that is consistently displayed by the military constitutes a outrage on the conscience of humanity,” They said.

latest reportsCovering the period between 1 February 2022 and 23 January this year, it details a series of incidents in which thousands were detained, hundreds of homes were burned, and dozens of people, including children, were subjected to shelling and military raids. I was killed.

set fire to villages

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In the second year after the coup, Army has increased airstrikes against civilian places by 141 percentAnd there has been a 380 percent increase in incidents of house and neighborhood fires.

UN allies indicated that since the military takeover, some 39,000 structures has been burnt In the villages and towns where the army has worked, he said. Satellite images confirm that several incidents have involved the destruction of entire villages, while other communities have been set on fire on several occasions.

“Those who are unable to escape can be burnt to death,” he said. “Who can escape – over 1.3 million people displaced since the coup Face the scarcity.

Deaths, torture in military custody

reliable sources have confirmed this At least 2,947 civilians have been killed 2021 by the army and its allies, which includes 244 children, he said. He noted that more than a third of these confirmed deaths occurred in military custody, and the actual number of civilian killings is almost certainly much higher.

“It is necessary that military respect the security Council‘S Resolution And take steps to end the violence,” he said, adding that all armed forces should try or strengthen comply with the fundamentals of International humanitarian law,

Noting that the army extended the state of emergency in February, he said the detainees reported severe beatingmock execution, suspension from the ceiling without food or water, ElectricityAnd acts of sexual violence,

Reliable sources verified that since 1 February 2021, at least 17,572 people have been arrested, including 381 children, of whom 13,763 are in custody.

Right Violation also continue “Choking” media freedom and civil spaceThey said.

“Just ‘liking’ a Facebook post can lead to terrorism charges, which carry a prison sentence of 10 years or more, following opaque trials that don’t meet fair trial standards,” he added. They said.

‘Critical’ human needs

Across the country, 17.6 million people are now in need of humanitarian assistance, and more than 15.2 million are experiencing it. acute food insecurity, He said that at a time of dire humanitarian need like this, the current regulations would constrain many NGOs’ ability to deliver essential goods and services.

Rohingya communitythat has already endured decades of oppression, faces “a bleak present and a worse future”, They said. more than million live in rohingya forced exile and hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced.

“There No Sustainable Vision for the Future Without Accountability for the brutal violence of the past,” he said, calling for increased international support and the provision of education and livelihood opportunities for refugees.

© Unocha / Vincent Tremeau

The Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, is the largest in the world, hosting thousands of Rohingya men, women and children fleeing violence in Myanmar.

International courts warrant support

He said that the ongoing proceedings in the International Court ofICJ) and with respect to the International Criminal Court (ICC), serious human rights violations Against the Rohingya people, warrants more support.

Amid mass displacement and the arbitrary detention of elected political leaders in February 2021, and thousands of others since then, whose only crime was to resist the military takeover, they remained deeply concerned likely to new elections What is happening in Myanmar while the violence is getting out of control.

“The November 2020 elections made it clear that the people of the country want to continue on the hard-won path of democratic reform,” he said. “It is important that the future of the country is decided by a process led by the people of Myanmar.”

To address these concerns, he Called on human rights council Members should make every effort to provide humanitarian assistance directly to the people of Myanmar, including through operations through grassroots organizations. he also called all united nations Member States America To promote dialogue and sustainable solutions that are representative of the will of the people of Myanmar, so that “To end this cruel scourge”,

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