Have dry and frizzy hair? Try These 5 Conditioners To Repair The Damage


Whether your hair is naturally healthy or not, it can become dry, frizzy and rough due to regular exposure to pollutants, harsh weather, heat styling tools and chemicals in hair care products. Women with dry hair will agree that oiling does wonders for their hair, but we all know that is not enough. After washing hair, our hair again becomes dry and lifeless. So what is the solution? Using the right conditioner after washing hair can help. We have listed some of the best conditioners for dry hair for you and see what works!

conditioner for dry hair

Hair conditioner helps give your hair a soft and smooth texture, reduces frizz, makes it easier to manage for styling and enhances the overall appearance of your hair. While there are tons of options available in the market, here are 5 conditioner alternatives we thought you might want to try. Dry and damaged hair.

1. MCaffeine Damage Repair Latte Conditioner with Coconut Milk, Rs 399

MCaffeine focuses on providing coffee-infused products. It offers a variety of caffeinated products including hair conditioners. This hair conditioner claims to restore damaged hair, deeply condition your hair and eliminate frizz and dullness. Since it contains coconut milk, it also nourishes your hair, adding shine and soft texture. This conditioner feels creamy and soft, and its scent can wake up your senses and energize you like coffee. Its antioxidant boost can even protect you from hair fall and strengthen damaged hair!

2. Earth Rhythm Moist Repair Murumuru Butter Hair Conditioner, Rs 299

Earth Rhythm Hair Conditioner can be considered good for repairing dry and damaged hair as it is enriched with Murumuru Butter. As it is a rich emollient for hair and provides abundant moisturization, Murumuru Butter is an excellent addition to hair conditioners and shampoos. Murumuru butter, which has a high vitamin A content, protects strands by hydrating them, maintaining elasticity and reducing frizz and dullness. Plus, it protects against UV rays and encourages hair growth, thanks to the fermentation of cupuaçu butter and rice.

3. Curlvana Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner, Rs 319

Taking care of curly hair is a challenging task. Someday it reflects the mother-in-law, or someday it turns into a total mess. There is nothing in between. But here’s a specific product for your needs – Curlvana Curl Conditioner. It is a lightweight conditioner that provides vital moisturization to reduce dryness and frizz. Contains Vitamin B5, Coffee CO2 Eau, Geranium Eau, Fermented Rice Water Extract, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. These ingredients help in softening the hair and detangling the curls. Plus, it helps make your curls bouncy and your strands voluminous.

4. Toni & Guy Damage Repair Hair Conditioner with Fiber Strengthening System, Rs 594

This hair conditioner is formulated with a fiber-strengthening formula that deeply nourishes damaged hair, making it stronger and more manageable. It is a damage repair conditioner that penetrates deep into the hair shaft and conditions damaged hair from root to tip for a soft and silky texture. Additionally, it leaves hair exceptionally shiny, adds smooth volume, and helps seal in moisture. So ladies, no matter how you style and color your hair, this hair conditioner has your back.

5. MCaffeine Coffee Hair Conditioner with Pro-Vitamin B5 & Argan Oil, Rs 424

This is another MCaffeine conditioner for dry hair. As well as being cost-effective, it contains Coffee, Provitamin B5 and Argan Oil, all of which deeply condition your hair and reduce dryness. The blend of coffee and argan oil strengthens your hair and Reduces risk of hair fall and damage. Additionally, it nourishes your hair making it strong, shiny and soft. After shampooing, apply this conditioner to your hair, covering the entire length of it. Wash it after two to three minutes. You will get smooth and shiny hair.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try these products to manage your dry hair.

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