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Below is the Guru Fundamentals Report of Validia Procter & Gamble CO (PG,, The 22 Guru Strategies We Follow to Get the Highest PG Rates P/B Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Partha Mohanram, This growth model seeks low book-to-market stocks that exhibit characteristics associated with sustained future growth.

Procter & Gamble CO (PG, Large-cap growth stock in personal and home products. Industry. The rating using this strategy is 88% based on the firm’s underlying fundamentals and the stock’s valuation. A score of 80% or higher usually indicates that there is some interest in the stock in the strategy and a score above 90% usually indicates strong interest.

The following table summarizes whether or not the stock meets each of the tests of this strategy. Not all of the criteria in the table below receive equal weighting or are independent, but the table provides an overview of a security’s strong and weak points in the context of the strategy’s criteria.

Book/Market Ratio: pass
return on assets: pass
Cash flow from operations to assets: pass
ASSETS FROM OPERATIONS VS. cash flow for return on assets: pass
Return on Assets Variance: pass
Sales Variation: pass
Advertisement for the property: pass
Capital expenditure for the property: pass
Research and Development for Assets: fail

Detailed Analysis of Procter & Gamble Company

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PG Fundamental Analysis

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About Partha MohanramSometimes the best investment strategies don’t come from the investment world. Sometimes research that changes the world of investing can come from the halls of academia. Partha Mohanram is a great example of this. While academic research has shown that value investing works over time, it has found the opposite for growth investing. Mohanram turned that research on its head by developing a growth model that outperformed key markets. His research paper “Separating Winners from Losers Among Low Book-to-Market Stocks Using Financial Statement Analysis” looked at the criteria that can be used to separate growth stocks from those that outperform their peers. continue the trajectory toward those who do not. Mohanram is currently the John H. Watson Chair in Value Investing at the University of Toronto and was previously an Associate Professor at Columbia Business School.

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