GTA Online: The best DLC events in the game’s history, ranked


in the decade-long lifetime of gta online, There has been a steady stream of weekly events offering players tons of bonuses. whether it’s more money gta onlineThe release of a new vehicle, or maybe even a different type of season to celebrate the new season. gta online offers players immense enjoyment, and the DLC events are a part of that space.

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Considering the game for almost ten years, gta online The game has seen many DLC events throughout its history, such as best apartment in gta online There’s still a lot more to come. It’s a good time to look back on the best DLC events gta onlineAnd what players may have missed or missed.

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8 happy Halloween

starting in October, gta online A spooky month of fear and terror begins with the Halloween event that lurks throughout the month. Players can use Halloween-exclusive cosmetics, such as makeup that can transform them. gta online Jokers are characters in, or, masks that will make them appear ready to trick-or-treat. People can be seen in disguise at the Halloween event best convenience location in gta online To avoid chaos.

Along with these bonuses, there are additional discounts on certain vehicles as well. Nevertheless, the main focus of the Halloween event is the fact that the sun never rises, and players are trapped in the darkness of an infinite night. It’s great for the spooky theme, but can be unsettling when the streets of Los Santos get dark.

7 festive surprise

gta online christmas card

A seasonal event dedicated to the holiday season, the Festive Surprise event takes place around December 22 to 28 each year. The immediate recognition of the Festive Surprise event is that Los Santos is covered in snow. Players can create snowballs out of the ground, damaging and killing other players.

In addition to map-wide snow makeovers, players can find clothing that is only available within the event, such as dressing up as a drunken Santa, or a murderous gingerbread person. It’s so much fun to bring the community together for the holiday season.

6 the stone hatchet

Stone Hatchet in GTA 5

At a promotional event for Red Dead Redemption 2, players can earn Stone Hatchets gta online, The Stone Hatchet remains a hidden unlockable, added as part of the After Hours update. The event itself saw players needing to complete five bounty target mission Only then will they receive the Stone Hatchet from Maude Eccles.

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What made this event memorable was that it was a great way to introduce a new weapon gta online, Players had to earn it through an event. It was a weapon worth hunting, as the Stone Hatchet could be used to give the player a ‘Rampage’ on the enemy, which greatly increased their defense, meaning they could repeatedly hit people with the Stone Hatchet. Can one-shot and be unaffected by bullets.

5 Cayo Perico Series Week

Munchies scout in GTA Online Cayo Perico heist update

From August 11, 2022 to August 17, 2022, Cayo Perico Series Week was revealed to the players gta online, The event introduced the Declass Draugr, a new off-road vehicle for players to enjoy on several dirt roads. gta online, The event also released the Cayo Perico Series, consisting of ten new races, which was the perfect opportunity to try them out. best muscle cars in GTA Online.

In these races, players will be able to compete for the top spot in a new battle of racing fun on the island of Cayo Perico. Upon completing all ten races, players will be able to purchase the Declass Dragur from Southern San Andreas Super Auto for a low price of $1,402,500.

4 theft challenge

infinite timer glitch rockstar

Sometimes Rockstar Games likes to challenge its active community, which is exactly what happened on November 12, 2020. developers of gta online Heist Challenge, an event that saw the community engage in a challenge to steal $100 billion from Heist Finals in just one week. With all that money, players are bound to be able to afford one of these best bunker in gta online for more content.

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The community rallied together to get a new vehicle for free in the next gta online Updates. Players will also receive GTA$1,000,000 just for logging in during this week. It was a heist fest, with diamonds being returned to casino heists, and setup costs being reduced by 75% should players take advantage of the event Knowing what to do before every mission.

3 san andreas prix week

Open wheel race in GTA Online

Racing has always been a major component gta onlineDNA of The game works great with the cars, and the many tracks created by players and developers provide an endless supply of fun gta online, However, one week in particular, thanks to San Andreas Prix Week, a grand prize came onto the scene.

This week from 27th August to 2nd September 2020, players will also get triple XP benefits and triple GTA$ from Open Wheel Races. For a week, it was a great source of income, RP, and just a lot of fun to race in tight tracks, as open wheel races put more precision and thought into the style instead of crashing into everything and everyone.

2 stunt race week

GTA Online Stunt Racing

stunt race was a new addition gta online Which brought a whole new adrenaline-fuelled way to race. gta online The chaotic nature of the race was adopted, allowing for wacky races that featured mountain drops, loops and even faster cars than ever before. With Stunt Race Week, players can earn more money gta onlineand XP.

Stunt Race Week, which began on March 6, 2018 and ended on March 12 of the same year, celebrated the fastest cars in the game as players competed and earned rewards for participating in stunt races created by Rockstar Games and their verified tracks. Could have done Players can also get some cool cars gta online For a low price, like the RE-7B, which was 35% off.

1 robbery incident

Untitled design 56

For the entire month of November in 2022, gta online Players will receive more GTA$ and RP from each heist, in particular, the contents of the vault in the Diamond Casino heist may have the potential of diamonds, with a bonus of 1.5x rewards, players can earn cash at an absurd rate, allowing An entire week is dedicated to the Cash Grind.

The Heist event allowed players to celebrate their prowess at getting rich quick and brought the community together waste money in gta online on things they don’t need. Bonuses for money and XP meant that players were clearing banks and casinos faster than they could fill quickly, along with more money rewards for setup and preparing missions.

grand theft auto online Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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