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Google Play Games for PC to roll out in Europe and Japan, add new titles including Garena Free Fire

TechGamingGoogle Play Games for PC to roll out in Europe and Japan, add new titles including Garena Free Fire
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In the annual keynote speech at the Google for Game Developers Summit, google said Its google play games for pc service, Who brings Android games to Windows users, will roll out to Japan and other European markets, and gain new titles and tools for game developers. Of note, several popular games will be added to the service over the next few months, including Garena Free Fire, Ludo King (a popular board game in India), and MapleStory M. Meanwhile, Google Play is introducing early access to machine translation that will allow Play console game developers to translate their games for free into more than eight languages ​​within minutes, the company said.

start in Beta testing in January 2022Google Play Games is designed to expand the reach of Android gaming by allowing consumers to play mobile titles on their Windows computers, in addition to supported platforms such as Android mobiles and tablets and ChromeOS. With the service, gamers can pick up where they left off on one device when switching to another — for example, many Apple-centric game titles are already offered when users switch between iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. are done.

Initially the service is available in overseas markets like Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan expanded to the US and other countries in November and is now live in 13 markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Now, Google says the service will be coming to Japan and several European countries in the new few months.

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It is also introducing a range of features aimed at game developers, including an emulator offering developer-focused builds.
Google Play Games which is designed for debug and build process. The tool allows developers to directly deploy games by sideloading APKs via adb commands, and lets them use Android Studio to adjust graphics and hardware settings to validate various player configurations. (Developers must sign up here) First expressed interest in the service.,

Google explains, its partnership with Intel should make it easier for developers to incorporate Google Play Games on PC alongside their existing mobile builds. If mobile games are already doing well on desktop, they can now apply to join the service.

The company is also publishing a new release checklist To help game developers verify that they have completed all required steps
before submitting his build for approval, and it added more metrics for the game to Android Vitals. The latter includes the recently launched frame rate metrics in the Play Console – or via the Developer Reporting API – which allows developers to check whether their games deliver at least 30 frames per second. Technical quality required by Google Play Games for service. Other technical upgrades aimed at performance and user acquisition were also introduced in addition to a new machine translation feature, which will use Google Translate and a Transformer-based language model to translate the game into more than eight languages, including Simplified Chinese and Japanese. .

Google additionally teased the upcoming release of Next Generation Player ID, which will keep a user’s Player ID consistent across platforms for any given game, while still allowing them to be unique across different games. The feature, powered by Play Games Services, will arrive later this year.

Still considered a beta, Google Play Games on PC requires users to run Windows 10 on a PC with 10 GB of available storage on a solid state drive (SSD), with Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or comparable, 4 CPU physical cores, and 8GB RAM. The company has not yet shared the official release date for the public launch.

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