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Mother’s Day 2023 Fell On Gwyneth And The Ex’s 19th Birthday Chris Martineldest child, daughter of apple martin, The actress, who also shares a son Moses Martin17, with Distasteful game The frontman shared pictures of himself with both the kids and their mother, the actress blythe dannerA special birthday tribute to Apple on his Instagram Stories and on his Grid.

“Happy Birthday My Angel,” Oscar Winner wrote, “Thank you for sharing my birthday with Mother’s Day this year, a fitting juxtaposition, a double celebration of you and what you have given me – the gift of being your mother. I love you so deeply and completely, It defies expression. Beholding you as a 19 year old woman fills my heart with almost unbearable love, pride and meaning! I can’t take it! Thank you for making me brunch, I make you dinner I have been! I love you so much, forever and ever, Mom.”