Fun City Tattoo celebrates its history with stories and songs from SZA, Miley Cyrus and its celebrity clients (EXCLUSIVE)


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Get out a map if you want stories on New York City music history. Where is 1520 Sedgwick Avenue Dj Kool Herc House party gave birth to hip-hop. Near 98-81 Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, the four non-brothers begin rehearsing the Ramones, The corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and Targary Street in Staten Island celebrates wu tang clanand you can book Walking tour To see all the hip-hop history in Brooklyn. However, for real music history, head over to 94 St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, and book a session fun city tattoo, Oldest Walk-in Tattoo Shop in Manhattan.

,charles manson Used to call the shop often,” max star says HollywoodLife, Maxx co-owns the store with Big Steve, a multimedia artist and entrepreneur. While Maxx preserves the stories and legends of Fun City Tattoo, Big Steve, who has spent twenty years working inside the shop, focuses on the art of tattooing, ensuring that Fun City remains the most respected in town And one of the respected stores – and beyond.

supposed tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw The store opened illegally in 1976, and it became the first legalized walk-in store early in the next decade. Shaw adores tattooed people while driving Fun City Iggy Pop, Kate Moss, Jim Jarmusch, And Naomi Campbell, john joseph Did cro-mags And Freddy Madball Of madball There was ink on the shop.

To celebrate the shop’s place in music history, the owners — Big Steve and Maxx Star — created a playlist featuring some of the musicians and artists tattooed at the East Village destination.

While Fun City was quick to embrace punk and hardcore, the shop was not ready to embrace Charles Manson. ,[Manson] Used to ask us to buy things from him, which we never did,” explains Max hl. Eventually, he vowed that if we didn’t buy anything, he would curse the store,” he says. “Our store assistant declined kindly at the time. We were robbed the next day, and an apartment upstairs was electrocuted. A fire broke out. The store was safe from the fire, but we couldn’t enter the building for a week while the fire department investigated and completed safety checks. It may or may not have been all dumb luck.

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Dumb luck is a part of every success, but only if you make room for it through hard work and persistence. Tattooing was only made legal in Manhattan in 1997, after the practice was outlawed in 1961. Why, smithsonian magazine Citing fears of spreading hepatitis B and officials hoping to clean up the city before the 1964 World’s Fair.

However, the practice continued – just underground. Many illegal shops open in basements and other places out of sight of the public. While most of these parlors have come and gone, Fun City has survived because of its dedication to the craft. The shop has a history of merging fine line work with punk aesthetics, while also celebrating traditional American tattoo styles and clean black and white needlework.

It has attracted a long line of devoted customers, including the who’s who of stars. Joan Jett, Ramones, and velvet underground members Here are some of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers who left Fun City with new ink. 2Pac, Young Thug, SZA, Willow, Frank Ocean, Miley Cyrusand demi lovato have traveled to be agreement By this reputed shop. Demi LovatoChildish Gambino, Action Bronson, Lula Ikeand members of The Flaming Lips, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Stray Cats, And corn All are signed here.

The best part of Fun City is that they don’t get bogged down by the general vibe found within the store walls. Big Steve explained, “My entire team and I treat clients the same way – celebrity or not.” paper In 2018. Everyone who walks into the store is treated with the same level of respect, and this creates an environment of equality and understanding. The shop has a policy against taking pictures with celebrities, making those stars feel as comfortable as anyone else walking down the street.

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That’s not to say that there haven’t been some wild moments in the store’s history. “One time we had an older couple come into the store near closing time, neither of whom had tattoos,” Maxx tells WebMD. HollywoodLife, “The lady pulled out a sewing needle from her purse and asked if we could tattoo her friend with it instead of one of our tattoo machines. We told him we certainly could, but it would take a moment for us to sterilize.

“Meanwhile, he explained to us that his friend didn’t want to know about the tattoo he was about to get, then whispered that she wanted him to get a small banana on the top of his leg,” he adds . “He stepped back, and she gave him a black velvet bandanna to cover his eyes. While he was getting the tattoo done, he rubbed his palm against the feather. He didn’t flinch once. When the tattoo was done, he Paid the shop, gave him some cash, and they went their separate ways.

Among the stars Fun City has tattooed, the shop had a regular rich man who left a $1000 tip when he came in for a job. “The last time he came in, he fell asleep during the session and went to the bathroom by himself,” Maxx told HL. “We said nothing because of politeness and his regular good suggestions, but he still never came back. We heard he was arrested a few months after this last trip for selling a forged Picasso painting. We are not sure whether this was the incident or a mistake of imprisonment for never seeing her again.

Perhaps the best thing about Fun City is that it is accessible to anyone. The shop still offers walk-ups and appointments. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get a piece of New York City history engraved on your skin. The shop’s current artist lineup includes Joel Baca, ryan e, Dylan Cross, diego, Tessa BX, jesus antonio, emilio alonsoand a monthly artist-in-residence. book an appointment LISTEN TO THE PLAYLIST STEVE AND MAX MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR HollywoodLife,