Forest Ranger Review: A Tough Texan Meanders Across the Pond


Thomas Jane rocks guns and southern drawl as he chases terrorists across the pond in a new way Work movie. a ranger A tough Texas lawman, always sporting his cowboy hat and brass belt buckle, shows the hapless Brits how to nab crooks on their own soil. action packed opening Goes Nowhere in the Desert as the film never again comes close to reaching that high bar. suffers from a scattershot plot with poorly written characters gap logic hole, The lack of cohesion compounds as a secondary villain takes center stage for no reason.

At the Laredo Flats, Texas Ranger Alex Tyree (Jane) wakes up to a sleeping Tom (Gregory Zaragoza). He gives the horse and rifle thief two options – he can come in handcuffs or in peace as a dead body. Alex’s radio gives an alert. Bank robbers have killed three officers and are on their way to the Mexican border.

Dean Jagger as Declan McBride


Alex spots a dune buggy racing across the sand, with the delegates in hot pursuit. Declan McBride (DEAN JAGER) walks out and the police are sprayed with gunfire. Alex picks up the rifle and disarms Buggy from hundreds of yards away. Declan’s allies are about to feel the steel wrath of the rifle. Declan reaches the limit, but gets his first taste of the Ranger’s long reach.

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Alex collects Declan from the federals. His occupation is short-lived. Alex wakes up in the hospital after barely surviving a bloody ambush. MI6 agent Jennifer Smith (Dominic Tipper) gives him Declan’s resume. The rogue IRA terrorist is stealing for unknown purpose. British intelligence believes that Declan has returned to London. Alex is the only person who has seen or interacted with her. She formally requests his help in tracking down Declan. Alex is determined to avenge his slain allies. They don’t know the extent of Declan’s deadly plan.

one tough texan

Thomas Jane and Dominic Porter

a ranger Harassed portrays the British security apparatus as inept fools. They’ve been tracking Declan for years, but need a tough Texan to get the job done. Aadhaar’s arrogance is laughable. MI6 control, Agent Geddes (John Malkovich), warns Alex that he is just an American observer who cannot use a gun on foreign soil. A rule that is broken immediately after shots are fired. The scenes of Smith and Alex shaking down the London informants make no sense. Why does he need that? What does Alex bring to the equation that helps with the search? That question is never answered and becomes the mockery of the second act.

Smith and Alex constantly clash with Oleg Jakovenko (JESS LIAUDIN). Declan’s tattooed and muscular lieutenant appears like a mad gopher throughout the film. He and Alex repeatedly clash mano-a-mano. Who needs guns and quick resolutions when you can beat each other to a pulp? These fight scenes serve as pure filler. It is clear that the filmmakers did not find Declan dangerous or a serious threat. It’s a safe bet that Oleg’s role was increased dramatically in post-production.

promising debut for a ranger

The last act will confuse you. a ranger Builds to a climactic confrontation then bizarrely downplays its magnitude at a crucial moment. It deflates the tension like a balloon and had to be another drastic editing decision. Jane and Tipper were fabulous in the fantastic science-fiction series Spread, Their reunion here leaves a lot to be desired. a ranger Failed after a promising start.

a ranger A production of Renegade Entertainment and Bondite Media Capital. It will have a concurrent theatrical and VOD release on May 5th lionsgate,