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Foreign travel set for 2023 as Americans eye Asia, Europe trips

WorldAmericas and CanadaForeign travel set for 2023 as Americans eye Asia, Europe trips
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Mount Fuji, Japan.

Jiravat Plekhongthu / IM | Dimension | Getty Images

Americans are set to travel abroad in a big way in 2023.

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Two or three years of arbitrary demand continues to fuel homes as fears of Covid-19 and the last round of pandemic-era border restrictions are eased.

The US Dollar also remains relatively strong against other currencies euroHybrid work allows more flexibility for longer trips and some airlines have New long distance routes added To exotic destinations, according to travel experts.

“The travel industry is just going gangbusters,” said Erin Florio, executive editor of Condé Nast Traveller.

Why foreign travel is set to ‘make a big comeback’

d3sign | moments | Getty Images

Thirty-one percent of Americans are more interested in international travel than domestic travel, according to a recent poll by Destination Analysts, a tourism market research firm. This was a six-digit increase from February and a year-on-year high surveyPublished in November.

Meanwhile, 62% of 2023 flights in the first week of December were to international destinations, up from 55% at the same time last year, according to a recent Hopper report good, It cited international travel among the top three trends for 2023, saying it is poised “for a major comeback”.

Searches on Kayak for flights abroad are up 1.3% compared to a year ago, according to the company Information By 18 December. They were down 13% for domestic flights.

In 2022, the share of international trips for which Americans bought travel insurance will equal 2019 levels, a first in the pandemic era, according to data from online travel insurance marketplace Squaremouth. The trend continues for trips booked for 2023.

US travelers largely stayed within US borders in 2020 and 2021 amid health concerns and foreign COVID-related restrictions such as testing requirements, mandatory quarantines or outright bans on foreign tourists. visiting US national parks fast forward and rv rentals increased Because outdoor vacations offer the dual benefits of travel and the associated virus protection.

Now the fear of virus has reduced. According to destination analysts, in September, the share of travelers unconcerned about being infected with Covid surpassed those concerned, a first in the pandemic.

‘There is a lot of demand for travel’

Tower Bridge, London.

Carl Hendon | moments | Getty Images

was 2022 One year even for longer trips abroad — but a spike in virus cases in late 2021 and into the new year, fueled by the highly contagious Omicron variant, some cold enthusiasmsaid the experts.

“Travel demand has increased significantly,” said Jessica Griscavez, travel advisor and CEO of Runway Travel. “We missed two to three years of travel.”

This so-called “revenge trip“The trend – a term recently coined to describe a growing, suppressed wanderlust – coincides with lax health regulations abroad and at home.

America dropped a covid test requirement For air travelers arriving from abroad in June. That rule, which also applied to US citizens, mandated a negative test within a day of flight.

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Many countries had also completely closed their borders for foreign tourists. Now, most are welcoming visitors again – especially those with a Covid vaccine.

According to Kayak, fully vaccinated tourists can access 197 countries without COVID-19 testing or quarantine, and an additional 16 are open but require testing. Information,

“We’re almost at a place where we can go anywhere,” Florio said.

According to Kayak, just 12 countries are still closed to vaccinated Americans, including China, Libya, Turkmenistan and Yemen.

The Japan Association of Travel Agents says people visiting Japan right now are 'mostly wealthy people'

Many countries have more restrictions for unvaccinated people. about 69% are American fully vaccinatedAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC recommended Staying up to date on vaccines before international travel.

many nations – including Australia, Bhutan, israel, Japan, malaysia, Morocco, new zealand, Philippines And Singapore – easing of border closures in 2022, many european countries dropped Testing requirements for Americans. (travelers should seek advice US State Department website For country-specific COVID restrictions.)

in addition Pandemic-era growth in remote work “Bucket-list trips are more of an achievable reality,” said Nitya Chambers, executive editor and senior vice president of content at Lonely Planet.

In fact, Hooper found that 67% of commuters take more frequent trips and 20% travel farther because of the flexibility of remote work.

where travel is growing the most

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Marty Windle | moments | Getty Images

Asia-Pacific region is Poised Travel experts said for the biggest surge in 2023 due to a wider reopening in the second half of 2022.

Japan has seen perhaps the biggest increase in interest, he said. country reopened Its limits to passengers on October 11, with some remaining restrictions.

“You can’t talk about travel without referencing the country Japan for about 2023,” Florio said, adding that Australia and New Zealand are also “massive.”

Of all the regions, demand grew the most in Asia, according According to Hopper data, that shows 27% of international flight searches are to Asian cities, compared to 19% last year.

In fact, eight of the top 10 trending international flight destinations in early December were within Asia and Oceania, Hooper said. Tokyo; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Bangkok were the top three, with average airfares of around $1,200 per round-trip ticket.

Bangkok, Thailand.

Pakin Songmore | moments | Getty Images

G Adventures, an international tour operator, sees the largest 2023 sales growth for Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, said managing director Ben Perlo. This November was a record month overall for the company; He added that sales from the three Asian countries surpassed the November 2019 numbers.

However, Europe remains the most popular destination in terms of total volume, with European cities capturing a third of all international flight searches, the same as in 2021, Hooper said.

Long-term rentals (those 28 days or more) “have become significantly more popular in Asia-Pacific than they were a year ago,” said Katherine Powell, Airbnb’s global head of hosting. However, most long-term housing is in Europe and North America.

According to Google Flights data, major European hubs were the most searched as of September 30 this year. London ranks No. 1, followed by Paris (No. 3), Rome (No. 6) and Lisbon (No. 9). Ho Chi Minh City was No. 2, while other Asian cities such as Delhi and Mumbai also ranked high (No. 4 and 7, respectively).

We are pretty much in a place where we can go anywhere.

erin florio

Executive Editor of Condé Nast Traveler

According to a recent Destination Analysts poll, Italy, the UK and France ranked first, third and fifth respectively among the top overseas destinations in 2023. (Canada, Mexico and Japan ranked second, fourth and sixth, respectively.)

“Everyone wants to go to Europe,” Griscavej said. “It was a destination that everyone had missed with the pandemic.”

He added that because of demand, people have become more “creative” on how to travel to Europe. Many are choosing the typically less busy (and less expensive) shoulder season, perhaps in early March or late fall, Griskavej said.

According to Expedia, global demand for travel has played out equally, with most of the interest directed in Europe and Asia. Information, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Sydney, Australia, rank No. 1 and 6 partly due to major events such as fringethe world’s largest arts and media festival, and worldprideExpedia said.

Economic concerns, inflation ‘not stopping people’

Edinburgh, Scotland.

Joe Daniels Price | moments | Getty Images

All of which is not to say, however, that the journey is not without adversity. Price has been a particular concern for travelers whose budgets are stressed high inflation, According to the Consumer Price Index, the overall prices of airline fares and hotels have increased by 36% and 3% respectively in the past one year.

Hopper said international travel is poised to become more expensive next year, despite signs from the Consumer Price Index that airfare, hotel and rental car prices have been trending downward in recent months. Despite these economic concerns, the desire to travel abroad has increased by 2022, Said Destination Analyst.

The euro is trading at a historically weak level against the US dollar, which means the US Able to bargain when booking travel For countries like France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Perlo said this dynamic is driving at least part of the popularity. (However, the euro has strengthened slightly in recent weeks.)

“Right now the economy and prices are not stopping people from traveling,” Chambers said. “People are at home, they want to get back there, they have a list of things they want to experience and they’re doing that.”

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