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Emilia Shule: 5 things to know about the actress who plays Marie Antoinette in the new PBS series

EntertainmentHollywoodEmilia Shule: 5 things to know about the actress who plays Marie Antoinette in the new PBS series

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Image credit: PBS

  • Emilia stars as Marie Antoinette in the new PBS series.
  • Emilia was born in Russia.
  • Marie Antoinette Has already been renewed for season 2.

emilia schule Taking in one of the most iconic figures in French history: Marie Antoinette. The 30-year-old actress stars as the former Queen of France new pbs series It will premiere on 19 March. Get ready for more lavish costumes and royal intrigue, the show has already been renewed for Season 2.

emilia schule
Emilia Shule as Marie Antoinette. (PBS)

So, who is Emilia Schule? He is a rising star. HollywoodLife We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Hollywood’s new “It” girl.

1. Emilia was raised in Germany.

Emilia was actually born in Russia but her family moved to Berlin when she was one, actress reveals Tatler, Her father is Russian and her mother is Ukrainian. Her parents are doctors and her sister is a human rights lawyer and health coach.

2. Emilia got her first role at the age of 14.

His first role was in the German short film nicks veter al in 2005. Her breakout moment was in the 2008 film Freiche Mädchen. Emilia has also had roles in TV shows berlin station And treadstone,

3. Emilia is interested in working behind the camera as well.

ahead of filming season 2 of Marie AntoinetteEmilia is currently in filmmaking school. “It’s more like a holiday than filming,” she said Tatler,

emilia schule
Emilia Schule at the Venice International Film Festival. (Maria Laura Antonelli / shutterstock)

4. Emilia believes Mary was ‘definitely a feminist’.

The series will explore a new side to the controversial French royal Marie Antoinette. emilia told shondaland that the PBS show would feature Mary in a “hostile environment” as the forces around her seek to take her down. “She was definitely a feminist. She was always fighting to preserve her independence, standing up for herself,” Emilia said. “She realized she couldn’t be a human in Versailles. He didn’t make many silly rules. She was trying to be a queen, a rebel and a woman with needs.

5. Emilia is fast becoming a fashionista.

Dior made two dresses for Emilia Marie Antoinette, She recently attended the Berlin Film Festival in a beautiful black sequin gown. At the 2022 Venice Film Festival, she stunned in a strapless sequin dress fit for a queen!

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