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Discord changes privacy policy after AI backlash

TechGamingDiscord changes privacy policy after AI backlash
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When Discord launched its new AI-assisted version of chatbot ClydeUsers also noticed that the company had removed a clause from its privacy policy that said it would not store calls, streams or channel content. Discord has now reinstated that clause, while also clarifying how its AI tools will use and store data.

as told by gizmodoChanges to Discord’s Privacy Policy users left upset, especially when combined with the launch of new AI tools including an improved version of Clyde that uses OpenAI, a new tool for creating easier conversation summaries, and the introduction of Automod AI. The changes were only live for one day, after which Discord restored the original privacy policy.

The policy now reads: “We generally do not store video or voice calls or channel content. If we change this in the future (for example, to facilitate content moderation), we will let you know in advance.” We also don’t store streaming content when you share your screen, but we do retain the thumbnail cover image for a short period of time for streams.”

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In a statement sent to Gizmodo, Discord said, “We recognize that we inadvertently caused confusion among our users when we recently released adjusted language in our privacy policy. To be clear, some That hasn’t changed, and we’ve re-incorporated the language into our Privacy Policy, along with some additional clarifying information.” The company did not explain why the language was initially removed from the policy.

Discord also updated this blog post Explaining how new AI tools do and don’t use user data. “Our AI features use OpenAI technology, but OpenAI cannot use Discord user data to train its general models. Like other Discord products, these features only store and use information as described in our Privacy Policy. record, store or use any voice or video call content of users.” The updated paragraph ends with a commitment once again to notify users in advance if this policy is going to change.

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