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Dana White warns Merab Dvilashvili about ‘really bad idea’

SportsMMADana White warns Merab Dvilashvili about 'really bad idea'
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Dana White warns Merab Dvilashvili about ‘really bad idea’

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ufc lightweight contender merab dvilashvili Scored the biggest win of his career on Saturday by defeating the former champion Petr Yan By unanimous decision.

With the win, Dvilashvili is riding a nine-fight winning streak. He will be ranked in the top 2 when the new rankings come out. He could have fought for the title tomorrow, but he refused to fight his Serra-Longo teammate, the champion aljamen sterling,

“I don’t know who I was talking to about this the other day. I was like, we don’t. Gotta deal with that bull*t now,” White said of teammates’ refusal to fight each other. said in.

“The camps were so small in the early days. You didn’t have a lot of different options. We had a lot of these guys going, ‘That’s my friend. That’s my friend.’ You can still be friends and want what your friend has,” White continued.

When then a warning was issued to Dvalishvili and any fighter who did not want to fight a teammate.

White said, “It would have been a really bad idea for Merab to go down that route.” “Does Merab want a shot at the title, or would Merab rather have people below him jump all over him and have to take on all these different, tough guys when he’s not even next in line for a title shot?

“It’s a personal decision he needs to make. If he wants to do that, I can tell you how that story ends. It’s not a good end to that story, but he’s a big boy.” He can figure it out on his own.

UFC Fight Night Highlights Video: Petr Yan vs. Merab Dvilashvili

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