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Cyril Gane angry with himself after UFC 285 loss to Jon Jones

SportsMMACyril Gane angry with himself after UFC 285 loss to Jon Jones

Cyril Gane angry with himself after quick UFC 285 loss to Jon Jones

Former Interim Heavyweight Champion Cyril Gane Suffered a one-sided defeat in the first round of the UFC 285 main event john jonesAnd he’s pissed about it.

“The biggest emotion is actually anger. Definitely disappointed.’ “But the biggest emotion is really anger about yourself.”

Jones forced Gane to tap out two minutes into the opening round in a one-sided matchup. Gane admitted that the loss to Jones was ‘hurt’.

“This is my first real loss. Loss to Francis [Ngannnou] No big loss for me. I learned, but it wasn’t huge. This one, so painful. It is a real loss,” said Gane. “Now, it is the past and I must move on to look to the future. And now I’m going straight to the gym.”

UFC fighters react to Jon Jones’ easy submission of Cyril Gane

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