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Conor McGregor fires back after USADA: ‘I haven’t lied once’

SportsMMAConor McGregor fires back after USADA: 'I haven't lied once'
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Conor McGregor fires back after USADA says he should be tested for 6 months

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It seems that Conor McGregor thought he would get Brock Lesnar treated, but that is not the case.

On Wednesday, McGregor appeared on The MMA Hour and said he had a meeting with USADA and was told he only needed two negative drug tests in order to fight. On Thursday the anti-doping organization denied the claims, denying they set up a meeting and reiterating that McGregor must be in the testing pool for six months before he can return to action.

“While we meet with all athletes who enter or re-enter the testing pool, we do not currently have a meeting set up with Conor and to date, we have not received notification of his coming out of retirement, ” reads the statement.

McGregor took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the new development.

“Usada is going in the bin,” he tweeted.

After this, he made another tweet, in which it was written, ‘This is my issue. I have not lied even once. Nor have I tested positive. Sometimes. I have over 70 clean tests under this program, yet they keep coming up after I’ve spoken, making it look like I’m lying. This is ridiculous. used nonsense You are in the bin.

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