‘City on Fire’ Wyatt Oleff teases Charlie’s ‘desperate’ journey to find out what happened to Sam (EXCLUSIVE)


Charlie was there shortly after his best friend Sam was shot in Central Park on the Fourth of July, but he didn’t see the person who hurt him. He ran away as the police approached, but he didn’t turn his back on Sam at all. HollywoodLife spoke exclusively with Wyatt Oleff About Charlie’s journey to find the truth.

Chase Sui Wonders and Wyatt Oleff as Sam and Charlie. (Apple TV+)

“It’s the whole motivation because someone was lost without him and meant nothing, and now after losing him again, he can’t let that happen. He needs to know what happened to her,” Wyatt explained. HollywoodLife During the press junket of the show. “Through these people he meets, there’s a lot that’s going to unravel. There’s going to be a lot of twists and turns that Sam didn’t know about before, and he’s going to find himself through these people.” been and it’s very exciting. There’s Therefore excess.”

In 2003, Charlie is still dealing with the grief of losing his father on 9/11. Sam was shot in the head, but has so far miraculously survived. The thought of losing Sam has plagued Charlie’s mind, and that’s why he’s so determined to save her.

“That’s the thing he fears the most, and that’s the thing that’s uppermost on his mind,” Wyatt said. “He couldn’t live without her. I think it’s also entirely about losing his father, who he couldn’t save, who he couldn’t do anything about. It’s a situation where he can figure out what’s happened to her and trying to figure out what’s happened to her will make her feel like he’s saving her, and that’s all Can do. His journey is so heartbreaking but real.

Wyatt Oleff
Wyatt Oleff as Charlie (Apple TV+)

Charlie’s role is deeply rooted in her grief and working through past trauma. While Wyatt has taken on such heavy roles before but “not to this extent.”

Wyatt used to listen to music to deal with Charlie’s trauma. The actor admitted that he was “so immersed in Charlie’s story that I felt one-to-one like I might actually lose him and it was a very strange experience.” new episodes of city ​​on fire Drop by on Apple TV+ on Fridays.