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‘Ciao SXSW’ gives fans a preview of the ‘prosperity’ Italian music showcase (exclusive)

EntertainmentHollywood'Ciao SXSW' gives fans a preview of the 'prosperity' Italian music showcase (exclusive)
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Image credit: Italia Music Export

A Slight Part of Italy Will Occupy South by Southwest on March 16 Italia Music Export puts on Ciao SXSW!: The Italian Showcase At The Stay Put in Austin, Texas. with the rise and success of maneskin, Italy has become one of the world’s hottest centers of music, but as Italia Music Export shows, Italy has more than rock on its menu. To sample this for yourself before visiting The Stay Put to see this grand event in person (here is the rvsp link), Italia Music Export has curated an exclusive playlist of songs and acts hl,

“The SXSW bookers did a great job selecting some of the most exciting new artists on the Italian music scene, as people will get a glimpse – at the Ciao SXSW Showcase and throughout the festival – of the diversity and richness that Italy currently has to offer. , “explains the Italia Music Export Office hl. “From sans sausages’ to pop Big Mountain County rock all the way dumbo goes crazy Psychedelic. Don’t miss your chance to discover all the Italian artists performing at SXSW this year.

Ciao SXSW Italian Music Showcase embed 1
Arya (Italy Music Export)

lineup starts at 8 p.m. AryaAn Italo-Venezuelan singer and songwriter representing Atelier 71 Independent collective and music label. Describe Dee as “warm and smooth”, her music blends nu-soul, hip-hop and R&B together. Big Mountain Country will take the stage at 9 p.m. Hailing from Rome, the band invokes memories of proto-punk groups such as iggy pop and the stooges, mc5And the Velvet Underground, Fearless in their experimentation and commitment to their sound, Big Mountain Country plays through decades past and present. Hopefully, his near future will include a follow-up to his 2020 album, somewhere else,

Speaking of usage, giungla Plays at 10 p.m. with a history of playing with bands like xx, foals, fight, And let’s eat grandmaartist (also known as Emma Drey) Creating a stir for a live show. working on her album with Andrew Sawers ,My Bloody Valentine, The Kills, Black Country New Road), so maybe you’ll get a preview of it during the March 16th showcase?

Ciao SXSW Italian Music Showcase embed 2

baseball greg, an indie pop duo from Bologna and Stockton (California), will perform at 11 p.m. One of the bands all your best friends listen to, Baseball Greg released elapsed time in 2022 and will bring that enchanting music to the SXSW showcase. Dumbo Gets Mad, a psychedelic pop project, will take you to a new dimension at midnight (12 AM) with their cosmic-inspired sound. Sans Soucis – an award-winning band combining Congolese rumba elements, classic Italian songwriting, electronic R&B and alt-pop sounds – will kick off the showcase at 1″ AM.

“Italian music has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years, both locally and internationally: we are talking about Menskin, but also many innovative and exciting Italian artists who are performing more and more often abroad. have been,” Italia Music Export said in a statement. “Some of them will be playing at SXSW, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear impressive live performances.”

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