Chanel gives sportswear a Hollywood twist


Virginie Wired’s Cruise Collection Was Bright, Fun, Glamorous, and Comfortable

During a fashion show on May 9 in Los Angeles, Chanel’s creative director Virginie Viard presented a range of sporty clothing designs inspired by Hollywood glam, all bright and colorful.

The cruise collection, which was presented at Paramount Picture Studios to an audience packed with A-listers that included Kristen Stewart, Elle Fanning, Andra Day and Leslie Mann, featured swimsuits, sports bras, sparkling dresses, skirts, blazers and platforms Shoes included. Heels in various shades of pink, along with lavender and black, according to an AP report.

Margot Robbie at the Chanel Cruise 2022/2023 fashion show on May 9 at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.
(Willie Sanjuan/Vision/AP)

The last time Chanel held a cruise collection event in the Los Angeles area was in 2007 in a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. Previous cruise shows were held in Provence, France and Monte Carlo, Monaco. After the approximately 30-minute show ended, Wired took a bow and made a short strut of his own while attendees applauded his efforts. As the AP reports, audience members were entertained before and after the event by roller skaters, who slid through the crowd and danced en masse together.

From the Channel Cruises 2023/2024 Show

From the Channel Cruises 2023/2024 Show
(Jordan Strauss/Observation/AP)

Earlier this year, French label Chanel built a double runway covered in black sand inside the Grand Palais Ephémère as part of Paris Fashion Week, presenting a collection that referenced a key brand symbol, the camellia flower. given.

The show set was built around white camellia statues facing the audience. The camellia is believed to have first become an obsession of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1913, when she pinned one to her belt, explains a report in the AP. “Camellia is more than a theme, it’s an eternal code,” the creative director told Wired. “I love the softness of it and the strength of it.” The show was very diverse, with models from different body shapes presenting a fabulous and fun collection.

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