Canada’s May weather forecast: Huge contrast between western, eastern parts of the country


After a confusing April in terms of temperatures, residents of western Canada may get more frequent sunshine in May, according to the Weather Network, but it’s a different story in eastern Canada.

From coast to coast, April brought ups and downs, with temperatures in some provinces going from the early 20s to -5 C in a matter of days. Despite some spikes, seasonally lower temperatures were the main trend from British Columbia to Ontario.

But when we begin May, will the evening of spring come?

For only half the country, The Weather Network said in a post on Tuesday.

They forecast above-normal temperatures for much of Ontario, southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada during the first week of the month.

The agency said that snowfall can also be seen in some areas of the region.

They predict that western Canada will have warmer-than-normal temperatures that could reach summertime levels.

The second week is forecast to bring a brief respite for eastern Canada, as warm weather spreads across the region.

However, the pattern seen at the beginning of the month is expected to return in the last two weeks of May. The Weather Network predicts temperatures below seasonal temperatures in forecasts for Quebec and Ontario, while western Canada sees a rise in temperatures above seasonal temperatures.

This divide between western and eastern Canada is already being seen in current temperatures across the country. As of mid-Tuesday, temperatures across western Canada were between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius, according to Environment Canada, with Saskatchewan seeing the highest average temperature.

Meanwhile, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are seeing temperatures below 10°C, while St. John’s recorded the lowest average temperature of just 3°C.

The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are expected to see above average temperatures for the bulk of May.

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