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Canada’s Drag Race: Rita Baga’s age, bio and Instagram

EntertainmentHollywoodCanada's Drag Race: Rita Baga's age, bio and Instagram
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Rita Baga of Drag Race Canada is a two-time Drag Race contestant, and it’s worth knowing more about her age, hometown, career, and Instagram.

World of Wonder served on December 23, 2022 Canadian Drag Race: Canada vs. the World season finale, and viewers want to know more about second runner-up Rita Baga. The all-new series imported competing queens from the US, UK and down Under (Australia) To take guard queens from Canada. The program followed the original Global Drag Showdown, drag race uk vs the world,

On Canadian Drag Race: Canada Vs. World, Rita starred alongside fan-favorites Ra’Jah O’Hara and silky nutmeg ganache, Britain’s Queen of Vanity Milan, as well as Canadian sisters, Stephanie Prince and Isis Couture. During Rita’s run, she won two Maxi Challenges. She was victorious in the girl group challenge and the “Spy Queens” acting challenge, in which the queens starred in RuPaul’s action-packed blockbuster film, spy queens, Rita was part of “Team Touche” along with Victoria and Anita. The trio completed the challenge with their iconic performances drag race Original, “Good morning, hi.,

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Rita Baga Age, Hometown, Career & Bio

Jean-François Guevremont aka Rita Baga was born in the Canadian suburb of Boucherville, Quebec; However, she now lives and performs in Montreal. before canadian drag racequeen gained prominence in 2007 after a sister Act Medley at Cabaret Meadow, Quebec. In 2014, she launched her first show, “Bagalicious”, at Saida Cabaret Mado, giving Rita the opportunity to build her image.

Rita’s record in Canadian Drag Race

Rita was cast in 2019 canadian drag race‘s inaugural season. Following her success on the show, Rita competed in the first season of Quebec celebrity big brother, She lasted 29 days, finally passing on the 12th. Recently, Rita was announced as the host drag race belgium, Belgian spin-off of RuPaul. The show is yet to premiere.

rita competes canadian drag race session 1, along with Jimbo, Lemon, BoA and Scarlett Bobo. During her feature run, she claimed three Maxi Challenge victories: the “Eh-Leganza Eh-Extravaganza” Couture Challenge, the “Single-Use Queens” Fashion Line Challenge, and the “Star Sixty-Nine” Commercial Challenge – in which the queens performed fictional laws. Advertisement for firms. In the finale, Rita places Priyanka as the runner-up.

Rita has over 180,000 followers on Instagram

fans can keep track of drag race Star via his Instagram, @ritabagaz, those days, Rita teased him drag race presence, saying,This time I felt 100% myself. I wanted to come back to show more of my personality, including goofiness and vulnerability. This is what having fun looks like.” before going to the third, Her account mainly features her humorous side and promotes her new perfume line, “LunaireXSolaire”. drag race belgium host There are over 180,000 followers on the platform. Rita came in third Canadian Drag Race: Canada vs. the World, To top off a global, all-star battle, the show’s epic finale now streams on WOW Presents Plus.

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source: Rita Baga/Instagram, Rita Baga/Instagram

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