Bupkis Review: Pete Davidson’s Rule-Breaking Comedy Series


“I’m too preoccupied with my life and problems,” says Pete DavidsonEchoing the mood of almost everyone in his new TV series, Bupkis, “Well, your life is fascinating,” replied John Mulaney. “I mean, I don’t know what it’s like to live it, but gosh*mmon, do we love watching it. It’s a good time.”

That brief conversation (which includes other spoken gems like “It was a dark, dreary elevator shaft of despair”) pretty much sums it up. Bupkisa new half-hour comedy peacock coming series, Each episode deals with Davidson’s problems (ranging from the downright inflammatory to the overly generic), which are made even wackier by being tied into the fabric of fame, and interesting by definition because it is . Numerous guest stars appear, because such is Davidson’s life. Being a celebrity is unreal.

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But Bupkis Not false like Gossip, and doesn’t go deep into the trending topics of Davidson’s girlfriends and career. Instead, it presents him as a fairly unhealthy man in his peak 30s who will do ketamine and quit his job one day, and contemplate having children and becoming a father next. He’s searching for what matters in his life, and beyond all the drugs and fame, the only thing that seems to be family. for example, Bupkis is an occasionally heartwarming and heartwarming comedy that’s also gritty and dirty nonetheless, and should appeal to Davidson fans and newcomers alike.

joe pesci and the great cast of bupkis

series probably starts with the ugliest and funniest episode, but also one that exhibits an oscillation between dirty jokes and tender sentiment. Davidson and co-writers Judah Miller and Dave Sirus often hit the sweet spot between sex jokes and honest sentiment, though that’s mostly thanks to a phenomenal supporting cast.

Edie Falco is perfect as Davidson’s loving mother, who is so filled with worry about her son that she will do almost anything to calm him down and make sure he is happy and around. Is. Bobby Cannavale plays Davidson’s uncle in all his complicated glory, with a mix of wistful nostalgia and humor, and Brad Garrett is hilarious as the family friend.

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Ultimately, it’s the great Joe Pesci as Davidson’s grandfather who is most sublime, elevating good scenes to greatness whenever he appears. Despite being physically underdog and frail, Pesci’s character is one of the strongest, most confident, and funniest in the entire show. Bupkis Essentially begins with Davidson’s discovery that his grandfather is ill, prompting him to be closer to his family and spend more time with them, recalling his younger days and how his father’s death took care of him. The family rallied to support him. Pesci is talented, and his blessing seals the deal Bupkis,

Pete Davidson’s impression of the real relationship

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The style of the series is uncompromising and sometimes reckless; The word that the show’s producers often returned to when writing was “relentless”. It breaks many of the rules of television, flipping around time and leaving out major narrative details, taking events that would have been major plot points, but glossing over them with a genuine disregard. in a sense, Bupkis More impressive than tireless. It doesn’t rush, but instead takes its time with each episode to paint a different face on Davidson’s life until the whole thing becomes a cubist comedy of sorts.

like life, things happen Bupkis Without resolution or explanation, and the series can often feel hallucinatory (or “random,” to use a poorly understood term). That doesn’t mean it isn’t based on Davidson’s psyche, though. Mommy and daddy issues are explored, career choices and friends are questioned, drugs and addiction are addressed, and the persistent theme of family returns regularly. It’s a tapestry of earnest details that come together to form a strange, strange whole.

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Like all comedies, it’s hit-and-miss in places, but the batting average is strong. Bupkis, That’s because the comedy often comes directly from Davidson’s real, honest relationships with the other characters.

Bupkis guest stars and Davidson performs

Steve Buscemi in Bupkiss on the Peacock
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the aforementioned guest stars of Bupkis are delightful and offer some pleasant surprises without feeling self-indulgent. Charlie Day, Kenan Thompson, a scene-stealing Simon Rex, a defiant Ray Romano, Charlemagne tha God, a sober Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly), Steve Buscemi, Al Gore, a sullen Paul Walter Hauser, Sunita Mani, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Jon Stewart, and several familiar faces appear for brief, funny moments.

Davidson continues to reveal himself to be a very good actor, at least in playing himself. There’s real emotional depth to a lot of his performances, which we also saw great influence in big time teens And king of staten island (where he also worked with Cirrus and Miller). There’s genuine vulnerability in several scenes, not to mention his charming comedic timing and a comically Freudian relationship with Falco’s mother character.

While Davidson may grace the cover of the tabloids and be a popular Google search term, Bupkis More unique, interesting and revealing than anything the paparazzi could capture. It is a portrait of a talented and successful man with problems, and his struggle to find normalcy and meaning while navigating them. Again, this may have been difficult for Davidson, but by turning this into art, it is a joy for us. “I just want a normal life,” Davidson tells Mulaney. “I don’t think it’s made for you,” Mulaney replied. “People don’t want this from you.”

all eight episodes of Bupkis Premieres on Thursday, May 4, 2023 on Mayur.