Bungie reveals price hike for Destiny 2 season pass


Bungie just revealed that Destiny 2 The season pass would be driving up its price. for season pass Destiny 2 Can be purchased using in-game Silver, a currency that can be purchased with real money. The Season Pass isn’t an essential requirement, but the included perks provide many gamers with a more robust gaming experience. However, as each season lasts for about three months, those looking to buy passes regularly may end up dealing with bigger expenses in the near future.

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while the current Destiny 2 Season Battle Pass could use an overhaulCurrently its rewards are very essential for those who want to get more value out of the game. The extra XP gained from purchasing passes helps gamers level up faster. Not only that, at the beginning of each week, pass holders get a small boost towards Season Pass leveling up a few levels. The value provided by the owner of the pass can help catch up to those wanting to catch up with experienced players.

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However, as announced in Bungie’s weekly blog, Destiny 2 Will update the pricing of its Season Pass starting on Season 21. It will now cost 1,200 silver, up from the original 1,000 silver. A second option that gives players an additional +10 level, called the Season Pass + 10 Rank Bundle, will see its price change from 2,000 Silver to 2,200 Silver. The blog also notes that pricing for Lightfall Standard Edition and Lightfall+ Annual Pass Edition will remain unchanged. While the price increase could be considered small, Bungie didn’t explain why it was necessary. For the time being, it will still offer the same rewards at an additional cost, but many fans may be put off by this unexpected notion.

Destiny 2 remains one of the best games to feature PvE, and being able to play at higher levels will allow gamers to have a more fleshed out experience. Those looking to advance in the game may want to consider purchasing a season pass, so they can access more difficult areas. Passes allow users to play at higher levels faster than normal and also reduce the amount of grinding required. They also help those who enjoy PvP to be matched with better opponents who are equal to their skill set.

As Destiny 2 remains one of the best first-person shooters available, the life span of the game is continuously increasing. Expect more seasons with more upgrades and stories. As it stands, the season pass could be a mandatory purchase for anyone looking to play the game competitively. Hopefully, the extra price can be justified if Bungie can provide more value to the pass in the future. In any case, Destiny 2 It’s showing no signs of slowing down, and more perks may be introduced to the season pass to make it easier to justify the price change.

Destiny 2 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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