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Brendan Fraser responds to critics accusing ‘Whale’ of being fat-phobic: ‘At least people are talking about it’

EntertainmentHollywoodBrendan Fraser responds to critics accusing 'Whale' of being fat-phobic: 'At least people are talking about it'
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Image credit: Soul Brother for the SAG Awards / shutterstock

One of the most talked about films of 2022 and it has been award season whale starring Brendan Fraser. While the film garnered several award show nominations, including a Best Actor nomination for the star, it has faced some criticism, with some saying the film was “fat-frightened”. Brendan, 54, said during an interview that he was glad it had sparked a conversation Scene On Monday, March 6th. “At least people are talking about it,” he said. “I am thankful for.”

When asked about critics who called the film insensitive, Brendan took a long pause and said he believed the film helped spread awareness about obesity rather than harmed it. “Much of the argument—the personal perspective—it seems a little self-serving in some ways. I don’t know if this argument speaks on behalf of all people with obesity, and I’d like to think that we’ve solved the problem.” have taken more steps toward helping to overcome this than we have done to divide and isolate one another,” he said.

brendan fraser responds to critics about the whale ss embed
Brendan is seen on the red carpet of the SAG Awards. (Soul Brother / shutterstock for the SAG Awards)

Earlier in the interview, Brendan also mentioned that seeing this inspired many people to step forward to help. whale, And it felt better than the awards. ,to watch this movie and know that the number of people reaching out for help, who otherwise might not have had the courage to do so, has grown significantly since last December, when the film came out,” he said. “In many ways, it seems Is A win for me.

co host Sarah Haines It also noted that the actor had worked with the Obesity Action Coalition and talked with people who were severely obese, and he similarly said he was happy to start a conversation. “These are people who deserve our sympathy, and these are people who have thoughts and feelings, and this is a story that is behind closed doors somewhere,” he said. “If you accept the invitation to come and see this film without prejudice, you will be captivated by the stories and find yourself challenged by some old beliefs.”

brendan fraser responds to critics about the whale ec embed
Brendan appears as Charlie in ‘The Whale’. (Everett Collection)

Brendan has been praised for his portrayal of an inclusive teacher living with obesity in Darren Aronofsky-Guided picture. apart from being nominated for Best Actor Academy Award, he has won the Critics’ Choice Award and a SAG Award for his performance,


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