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Brendan Fraser refuses to refer to his whale prosthesis as a ‘fat suit’

EntertainmentMovies/ReviewsBrendan Fraser refuses to refer to his whale prosthesis as a 'fat suit'
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much has been made about Brandon Fraser’s performance in Darren Aronofsky’s whale, Many have praised the actor’s performance, sometimes together Fraser criticized for covering himself in prosthesis To portray an overweight person. Fraser, however, says that while many of the performances may have been other than an actor in a “coarse suit” for laughs, that was not what it was.

speaking with deadline, Brendan Fraser talked about the experience of spending four hours in prosthetics to transform him into his character. And the prosthetics were very much a part of the performance. They followed the “laws of physics and gravity” and since the character of Charlie had significant mobility issues, the same was true for Fraser when he was in full makeup. he explained…

It was cumbersome, with good reason. Because putting an actor in a costume, a device, to simulate weight gain for the character has, in years past, cut corners on authenticity. It is usually the silhouette of a costume worn by a fairly athletic actor and is in service of a cheap joke or to spoof a character.


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