“Angry” Savannah Chrisley vows to “fight forever” for a prison sentence for mom Julie Chrisley – E! Online


Savannah previously spoke in April about the sadness she felt during the holidays amid her parents’ prison sentences instagram post before Easter and his father’s birthday.

“When you lose someone special, your world lacks the qualities to celebrate,” she wrote. “The holidays amplify that loss. The sadness deepens and the loneliness can feel isolating. What I’ve learned is that the need for support can be greatest during the holidays. Pretending you don’t hurt And/or it’s not a tough time this year just isn’t true for you. But you can and will meet the holidays.”

He said, “Instead of avoiding feelings of sadness, lean into them. It’s not the sadness you want to avoid, it’s the pain. No one can take away that pain, but sadness isn’t just pain, sadness is love.” I love you momma and daddy!”