‘American Idol’ recap: Top 8 revealed after judges save one cast member


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the competition is not over American Idol, top 10 Competing for America’s vote once again, two singers will be sent home by the end of the night. The May 1 episode is also the judges’ song competition.

zacharia smith is up first, and he chooses “Wanted Dead or Alive” bon jovi, Zachariah always brings electricity to the stage. Zakaria thinks luke bryan chose that song for him, but it was actually Lionel Richie, Lionel thinks Zacharias did a “fantastic” job, and Luke calls the performance “wonderful”.

we are
We’re performing on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

haven madison goes ahead and chooses the song Paramore’s “the only exception.” Haven always brings a cool and unique vibe to its performances. The teen singer thinks Katy chose that song for her, and she’s right! katy perry loves that Haven can be “vulnerable and strong” with her voice. Lionel states that Haven has that “thing” going for him.

we are decides to take the great Whitney Houston and sings “I have nothing.” We assume Lionel chose that song for her, but it was actually Luke! “I’m so proud of you in that performance. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen,” Luke says. Lionel tells the singer that he “owns” that song.

oliver steele given two John Mayer songs, but he decides and chooses to pursue himself. for singing radioheads “High & Dry.” He’s convinced that Katie chose that song for him, and she’s right! “It was so delicate. It was so divine. It was like nothing you’ve done before,” Katy told him. Luke says, “You’re a live. You’re a mood. You’ve set an emotion and a feeling.” He also wants to see Oliver play guitar because it adds an extra element to his performance.

Katy and Lionel are due to be in the UK for the coronation during next Sunday’s episode alanise morrissett And Ed Sheeran Will be the guest judge. However, Katie and Lionel will be doing voices from Windsor Castle!

Warren P Next takes the stage and sings “Cold Weather” zack brown band, Warren continues to demonstrate what a great performer he is with each performance. Warren believes that Luke chose the ZBB song, but it was Lionel. Lionel calls Warren’s performance “amazing” and loves that Warren is showing off his artistry. Even though he did not choose to sing, Luke complimented Warren’s “great song choice”.

haven madison
Haven Madison performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

i am tongi Initially chooses to sing “More Than Words”. extremeBut then that turns into “What a Wonderful World”. Louis Armstrong When he himself begins to guess. The crowd goes crazy for Iam’s performance. Iam thinking Lionel chose that song, but it was Luke! Lionel declares that Iam a “phenomenon”. Katy tells Iam that when he will win American Idol, She wants to hear him sing the extreme song. “It’s a wonderful world because you’re in it,” she says.

marybeth bird absolutely rock their performance of morgan wallen “wasted on you.” This is his best performance till date. Lionel is the one who chose that song for it. “I was so happy you did the way you did. It was wonderful,” he says. Luke said that the performance was Marybeth’s “standout moment”. He says, “That’s what we needed to see from you.”

tyson venegas Steps out of his comfort zone and does an emotional song for the first time. She shines in her performance of “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi, “It was just what I wanted to see from him,” says Katy. He chose to sing for Tyson. “You are the complete package to me now,” she says.

megan daniels captivates with the powerful performance of Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” the same song she performed at her grandfather’s funeral. Luke chose that song for her. “You were perfect,” he grumbles. Lionel tells Megan that she has an “amazing ability to touch”. Your voice is very powerful when it comes to just telling your story.

i am tongi
Im Tongi performing on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

colin stuff looks like a bonafide star on stage singing “It’s Been Aviled” by Stain, He is right in thinking that Katy has chosen that song for him. She calls him “Star”. Luke tells Colin that he is “knocking stuff out of the park.”

Katie officially wins the judges’ song contest. Now the results are out. The first person to make the top 7 is Megan, followed by Haven, Warren, V, Colin, and Iam. There is only one spot left, and Zakaria is the last person to make it to the top 7. Oliver, Marybeth and Tyson are in the bottom three.

Since Katy won the contest, an artist must be chosen to save her. She consults with the judges, and they choose to save Oliver and make it to the Top 8. This means Marybeth and Tyson are eliminated.