‘American Idol’: America picks the top 3 as 2 performers are sent home before the finale


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May 14 episode American Idol Disney’s night in, featuring advice from the top five contestants Sophia Carson, after performance from Sara Bareilles, it’s time to start the competition. above is first we arewho sings from “into the unknown” frozen 2, Powerful performance earns standing ovation from judges. “What a way to start the show,” Lionel Richie “You look like a star, you sound like a star, you act like a star, your stage presence is amazing. You did a fantastic job.”

Is leading zacharia smith with the performance of The Lion King, He sings a fun rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” with the perfect outfit to match. “That was incredible. I love it when you don’t think about it and just embody it. katy perry They say. luke bryan also praises Zechariah’s level of comfort on stage.

next is from the show colin stuff, He performs from “Real Gone”. cars And absolutely crushes. “I didn’t know that a cars The song was supposed to comfort you just as much! Luke says. “It’s most loose, have fun [performance], Great song choice!” Lionel tells Colin that this is his favorite performance he has done so far on the show.

megan daniels followed with a rendition of “You Can’t Stop the Girl”. His effortless performance is brilliant as always. “Do you know how grown up you are?” Lionel asks was it a great performance. The voice is taking it to another level. the final round ended with i am tongi The song “Lava”. The judges admire Iam’s authenticity. “You just come out, speak, and people are attracted like I’ve never seen. You light up the room,” Luke complimented.

megan daniels
Megan Daniels on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

Next, it’s time for us to return to the stage. This time, she performs “The Climb”. Miley Cyrus, slowing down the song to show each note. The judges are on their feet to applaud the performance. “Once again, you performed perfectly. I loved your arrangement,” Luke whispered. Zechariah returns to the stage next singing “Life Is a Highway”. The judges complimented Zechariah’s song selection and said he did a “great job”. even ryan seacrest Admits that this is a “different level” of performance.

Colin is back with the next performance. He gives a stripped down performance, playing guitar while singing “Nobody Knows”. “I thought you were giving everyone your very own special performance. You wowed us so much,” admitted Katy. “You handled it so well. You are showing us many different things. You are growing before our eyes.

For her second performance of the night, Megan sings “Carry Me With You”. It is a very beautiful song and rendition. Katy tells Megan, “A light has gone out inside you.” “You can see it and you can hear it. It was my pleasure to have you take me to that beautiful and divine place.” To end the performances, Iam returns to the stage to sing “Father and Son”. Once again, the judges are on their feet and I give a standing ovation to end the show. Katie also declared Iam “the next” American Idol,

Now it’s time to find out who America wants to see on next week’s finale. is the first one to be called safe colin stuffAfter megan daniels And i am tongi, That means We and Zechariah are eliminated.