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America says it does not want to separate its economy from China

WorldAsiaAmerica says it does not want to separate its economy from China
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Tension has increased between the US and China in the last few years.

Teh England Coon | AFP | Getty Images

BEIJING – The United States is pushing back on the idea that it wants to suppress China, saying it does not seek to tear the two economies apart, according to comments from a State Department spokesman.

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The spokeswoman was responding to CNBC’s request for comment on Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s remarks on Tuesday. Qin claimed that the US call to “establish deterrence” on relations meant that China should not react.

Qin also said that The US needed to “hit the brakes” to prevent conflict with China.

A US State Department spokesman said, “We have made it clear that we do not seek to engage China or seek a new Cold War.”

The spokesman pointed to comments by Secretary of State Antony Blinken last year that the US did not seek to prevent China from growing its economy or “advancing the interests of its people”.

“He also said that we do not want to isolate China’s economy from ours, although China is pursuing asymmetric isolation,” the spokesperson said.

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