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Always stay true to your DNA, says designer Namrata Joshipura

HealthLifestyleAlways stay true to your DNA, says designer Namrata Joshipura
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The designer on her performance at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI in Mumbai after a gap of seven years and what inspires her

Known for creating fashion that speaks volumes for evening glam and elevated sporty luxe, designer Namrata Joshipura presented her collection, first orderAt the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI in Mumbai.

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Look-at-me cutout detailing, sensually charged drapes and high-octane shine have been her key signatures but what makes the new collections special is that they’ve dialed in on the glam accents. “Glow is an important element for us, we will always come back to our first love. Our silhouettes were traditionally more linear and this season it’s a celebration and a ramp up in the hotness factor. These are clothes that slay she says. ,

from The First Order Showcase

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in an interview with loungeThe designer, who is also a runner and splits her time between Canada and New Delhi, talks about the collection and what inspires her. Edited excerpts:

How did you interpret the modern disco elegance for the collection?

Ironically “nod and wink” to an amazing period in fashion and music, but also in terms of the tremendous pace of technological innovation the imagery of this nostalgic time is sweeping us all. How will the AI ​​robot be ready for the club?

What inspired you to incorporate the ‘CD ROM’ print into your designs?

Again, this is a nostalgic reference to an older technology. Everything is in the cloud these days. Like the Casio watch from the ’80s that we warmly cherish and clamor for a simpler, more innocent time.

You split your time between Canada and New Delhi. How much do your travels influence your design process?

Vancouver, where I live, is bathed in nature wherever you look… mountains, ocean and woods. It’s the city of athletics (also the headquarters of Lululemon and Arc’teryx), which explains how I dress when I’m there. And Delhi is definitely the capital of occasion wear, weddings, parties, events. I love this split personality existence.

You’re also a marathon runner, and you’ve incorporated athletic elements into your designs for this collection, such as visor hats and trainers…

This is a glam collection and less athleisure driven. Trainers are streetwear these days, and I’ve always loved how fashion amplified these elements. We were in the early stages of showing streetwear in our shows and that likely came about because of me living in New York and of course being a runner. I have used references from outside in elements such as clothing, accessories and styling.

What are the demands of the resort/ready to wear customers? When you’ve dressed generations of fashionistas, what are your main learnings?

Stay true to your DNA and don’t conform to passing trends.

You’ve never really been outside your comfort zone of glam-vacation. Can we expect a totally off-kilter collection from you in the coming season?

Can’t predict what the future holds, but we’re always evolving.

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