Africa Development Bank’s Africa Climate Change Fund dialogue with Global Affairs Canada delegation


The Director of the Climate Change and Green Development Department of the African Development Bank, Prof. Anthony Nyong’o received a delegation from Cote d’Ivoire, supported by Global Affairs Canada, for the Pan-African and Regional Development Program in Abidjan, April 25.

The delegation, led by Program Head Mrs Lara Bremner, was in Abidjan as part of its engagement with key pan-African and regional partners, including the African Development Bank’s Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF). She was accompanied by Mrs Eve Sandra Beremvoudougou, First Secretary and Senior International Assistance Officer and GAC’s representative on the ACCF’s Monitoring Committee.

Global Affairs Canada, a Canadian government department, joined the ACCF as a donor in March 2020 with a contribution of CAD 7 million to develop a gender-aggressive Climate Change Workstream focused on the empowerment of women and girls to combat climate change. Supports the work of the Fund for.

Welcoming the executives, Nyong’o highlighted how the bank is mainstreaming climate change across all of its investments. He said the ACCF, which has benefited from Canadian contributions, focuses on supporting entities such as civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations and small businesses, which are often left out of the Bank’s core financing, to access climate finance.

“The ACCF is not only providing funds for climate action, but also helping to strengthen the capacities of institutions,” he added.

In his remarks, Bremner commended the Africa Climate Change Fund and offered advice on how it could expand its geographic reach and step up its engagement with the private sector. He added the need to further share the outcomes of the projects through social media and other platforms. He offered Canada’s support for the dissemination of the results being produced by the ACCF.

Ms. Rita Efa, Coordinator of the Africa Climate Change Fund, briefed Bremer about the Fund’s Third Proposal for Proposals (CFP3) and how the selected projects will address gender inequality in host countries. The projects cover key sectors such as agriculture, forestry, energy and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

“These projects are expected to contribute to addressing the root causes of gender inequality and strengthening the resilience of African communities to the effects of climate change,” Ifah said.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Al Hamando Dorsouma, Manager of the Bank’s Climate Change and Green Growth Division.

About this accf

The Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF or the Fund) is a multi-donor trust fund set up to contribute to the achievement of the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) goal of tripling climate financing efforts and boosting its campaign for climate-resilience. Well positioned for Africa. AfDB established the ACCF in April 2014 with an initial contribution of €4.725 million from the Government of Germany to help African countries build their resilience to the negative impacts of climate change and transition to sustainable low-carbon development. The ACCF was converted into a multi-donor trust fund in 2017 with contributions from the governments of Flanders, Belgium and Italy. The Global Center on Funds and Adaptation will be joined by the Governments of Global Affairs Canada and Quebec in 2020, the Republic of Ireland and the Federal Ministry of Finance of Austria in 2022. The size of the trust is $28.8 million.

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