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Afghanistan now ‘most repressive country’ for women, Security Council hears

WorldAsiaAfghanistan now 'most repressive country' for women, Security Council hears
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Rosa Isaakovna OtunbayevaUnited Nations Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, UnamaStrongly condemns recent Taliban decrees that have further curtailed the rights of Afghan women.

However, he also urged the international community to preserve it. “Whatever political space exists” for candid discussion With leaders of Afghanistan, warning of rapidly deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions across the country.

‘Talents seized’

After Afghanistan falls under the Taliban in August 2021, the UN “remains committed to”stay and deliver” Whereas called for unified support For the people of the country.

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initial association with In fact Taliban officials were relatively creative. However, decisions over the past year – including recent restrictions on women pursuing higher education and working for non-governmental organizations – have been widely regarded as unacceptable.

In his address to the Council, the Special Representative regretted that, but International Women’s DayShe had some comforting messages for the women of Afghanistan.

‘Dreams Crushed’

“In a moment when [the country] need all its human capital to recover from decades of war, Half of its potential doctors, scientists, journalists and politicians are locked in their homesTheir dreams were crushed, and their talents confiscated,” she said.

Restrictions are currently in effect against women working, studying and traveling without a male companion throughout Afghanistan.

Specifically, 1 December 2022 Restrictions on employment of women with NGOs There have been dire consequences for both the populations dependent on that aid and the Taliban’s relations with the global community – including groups that provide vital humanitarian aid.

Deputy Chief of the United Nations

asks to join

The Special Representative hoped that the Taliban would Heed the unified position of the international community and reverse those decreesAlso others who are further reducing the rights of women.

However, it also called upon the international community to build a agenda for discussion Citing Afghanistan’s dire economic and humanitarian prospects and the need for access – with the Taliban on issues that matter to them – as the basis for a gradual confidence-building process.

The country is still home to the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis with two-thirds of the population, or 28 million people projected to need assistance in 2023,

Nearly half the population, 20 million people, currently face crisis levels of food insecurity, and six million are one step away from famine.

Clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices are essential to the health of children in Afghanistan.

‘Time is short’

Against that background, Ms. Otunbayeva warned the Council that “Time is short, and the demand for donors is increasing manifold.,

She expressed her fear that, as 2023 progresses, the ban on women and other restrictions imposed by the Taliban could further hinder humanitarian access to those most in need.

The UN’s ability to deliver is also being affected by growing concerns over the threat posed by the terrorist group known as Islamic State – Khorasan Province, or ISIL-K, and There is concern that the Taliban do not have the capacity to address this,

noting that Unama Continuing to engage daily with Taliban officials, local opposition, civil society groups and many others, he also called on the Council to renew the mission’s essential mandate for another year.

Experts urge Taliban to end ‘pernicious destruction’

UN-appointed independent rights experts said on Wednesday that the “pernicious destruction” of women’s rights in Afghanistan must be reversed.

in an appeal coinciding with International Women’s DayExperts urged Taliban leaders to lift many of the restrictions imposed on women since seizing power.

“Women and girls are banned from entering amusement parks, public baths, gyms and sports clubs for four monthsExperts said in a statement that, since the Taliban takeover, “women have been completely excluded also from public office and the judiciary”.

Today women and girls in Afghanistan must also follow a strict dress code and they are not allowed to travel over 75 kilometers Without a male escort, the experts explained.

“They are forced to stay at home.”

rights experts who report human rights council In an independent capacity as non-UN staff, it also urged Taliban officials to fulfill their obligations under international human rights treaties to which they are a state party.

These agreements include the CEDAW, the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women,

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